10 Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2018

10 Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2018What if a few quick marketing changes could put your business ahead of the game? It may sound too good to be true. However, applying the right 2018 marketing trends to your business means you’ll have a bigger year than ever before. However, many people don’t know what these emerging trends are or how to use them. Keep reading for our guide to the trends to look out for in 2018!

1. The Marketing Trends of Big Data

Big data has been a big deal for many years. So many years that many businesses thought it might be replaced by the next big thing. However, big data has only gotten bigger. Different sorts of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have made it easier than ever to collect and use big data. Once you know how to use it, big data has a number of applications. It will completely transform how you market and sell products, and may even lead you to restructure key parts of your business!

2. Rethinking the Customer Lifecycle

The lifecycle of your average customer is very important for your business to understand. This allows you to plan different marketing techniques tailored to how long the customer has been doing business with you. However, the customer lifecycle has been dramatically changing. The increased amount of digital marketing has meant that you must rethink what the lifecycle is like for your customers.

Using things like big data and CRM can help you create the most accurate lifecycle possible. Then you can create a lifecycle marketing routine that has the greatest impact on the highest number of customers.

3. The Rise of Video Content

Video content has been on the rise for a long time. In fact, it’s been rising so long that many businesses expected this trend to burst. And it’s true that many news and entertainment websites have recently backed off of using video so much. However, for a business, this is one of the most influential marketing trends.

This is because of the sheer amount of people watching videos through platforms such as Youtube. These users collectively watch a billion hours of video a day. Video content marketing your business helps you get a piece of that big pie. There are also different ways to create video content. Your company can do live-streams, 360-degree videos, virtual reality videos, and more! No matter the video content format, this helps bring your product to life.

4. Audio Marketing

While video remains an important way of marketing, audio-only ads are only getting more popular. This is due to changes in consumer behavior and popular technology.

It’s easy to dismiss audio marketing as a relic leftover from the heyday of radio. Now, however, consumers’ homes are filled with smart devices that play audio on command. And many consumers on the go like to stream music or listen to their favorite podcasts. These formats are audio only, but they are a great way to reach many consumers. And this trend will only grow, so it’s important to start mastering these advertisements today.

5. Changes in Marketing Automation

On paper, marketing automation is a great way to make your marketing more efficient. However, this marketing often seems canned and lifeless if you don’t have access to valuable consumer data.

Combining integrated machine learning with automation lets you have the best of both worlds. You can then segment your customers into different categories and tailor your marketed automation to these different groups. Surprisingly, many companies do not yet do this. This allows your company to be on the bleeding edge and get a leg up on the competition!

6. Social Media Influence

Social media is still a big deal to most consumers. And it’s more important ever to the key demographics of most businesses. One of the growing marketing trends is that social media influence will continue to rise in importance. Finding ways for your business to partner with social media influencers can really move the needle when it comes to securing new customers!

Be sure to find an influencer that is right for your brand, though. Consumers want authenticity as much as they want celebrity!

7. Embracing Apps

Apps for businesses are another trend that is continuing to grow. As more customers rely on apps than ever before, your own app can give you many marketing opportunities. Apps are a great way to provide customers with exclusive coupons and other deals. And those customers can also use the app to browse your products and order online. Ultimately, the marketing concept is simple. Customers take their smartphones wherever they go. Provide a useful app and they’ll take your business wherever they go, too!

8. Social Media Communication

Social media influencers are not the only rising social media marketing trend. You should also dedicate yourself to social media communication. Many consumers enjoy reaching out to businesses via Facebook Messenger and Twitter. This lets customers ask quick questions without the hassle of a long phone call. Best of all, this communication makes your business seem accessible and authentic. This is especially important to Millennials.

9. Telling a Story

Good marketing has always been about creating a story. And in 2018, there are more ways to do this than ever. Different media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram offer “stories” that collect highlights from the day. These stories then disappear, giving them a temporary nature that makes them exciting. Find a way for your company to create compelling stories on these platforms. This increases visibility, access, and word-of-mouth for your consumers.

10. Smart Ads

Overall, consumers prefer native advertisements. However, these advertisements only work if you understand your demographics. One of the rising marketing trends is to combine native advertisements with “smart” content that gleans user info from things like cookies. This allows businesses to provide native ads that are tailored to their key demographics.

The Bottom Line

You want marketing that will make your brand sizzle. However, you probably don’t know where to start. At IMPROZ, we specialize in marketing trends that will grow your business. And we’re ready to take your company to the next level. To find out how we can help transform your company, reach out and contact us today!