7 Reasons Why Facebook & Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

  Facebook+Video Marketing 1.) Up Your Popularity by Featuring a Video on Your Page

Want to get your brand out there? Have an upcoming event that just needs attendance? You should consider Facebook Video Marketing!

Feature your video on Facebook. It is a must-have for any successful video marketing strategy. Plus it’s a great way to give your most recent video the attention it so rightfully deserves. With a cozy spot right above your page’s About section, your featured video has precedence and has the potential to grab the attention of anyone who visits the page.

Featured videos also have a larger thumbnail than any other videos on your page or in your Video tab. Making it a bigger target for clicks and target audience playthroughs.

2.) Facebook Native Videos vs. Youtube

The debate continues – who performs better, videos uploaded directly to Facebook or third-party embeds? Let’s look at the stats, shall we?

  • When compared to Youtube, Facebook native videos reach 2x more people. So as a result of that, they receive 2x more likes, 3x more shares, and 7x more comments.
  • Facebook has become the second largest referral source for online videos.
  • According to Quintly, videos posted directly to Facebook receive a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.
  • Facebook native videos receive 4x more interactions than Youtube.

It is a well-known fact that people love to share videos. Statistically speaking, 92% of all mobile video viewers inevitably share the videos they come across – granted, they get their attention. Also, now with Facebook video marketing, the ability to share all those quirky cat videos is made even easier, you can just tag your friend to a video or hit that share button and post it on your feed. It’s instant and powerful.

With statistics like these, it is apparent that Facebook native videos are the way to go. Having the reach and capabilities far beyond Youtube, it isn’t difficult to see why Facebook is becoming a marketer’s best friend.

3.) Create Your “Greatest Hits” Playlist

Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to fetch that video you saw last week, and being greeted by a wall of thumbnails – none of which are your video. This is where the magic of playlists come into effect.

Just like on iTunes, Spotify, or even Youtube, you can create playlists on Facebook. You can group your videos and make them easier for viewers to find and enjoy.

You can also create multiple playlists to further navigate the viewers through dozens, if not hundreds of videos.

4.) Press to Play, Call to Action

As a marketer-friendly platform, Facebook is fully equipped with a “Call to Action” button. One of the most useful features in our opinion. Whether it’s to draw attention to a video from your Facebook cover image or direct viewers to your website’s homepage – there’s a button for that.

As soon as you upload a video, the “Add a Call to Action” option will appear, and you can choose from all sorts of options.  “Book Now,” “Learn More,” and “Shop Now” are some of the choices for the post’s CTA. You can also use “Watch More” if you need to send viewers to other videos on your site.

5.) Going Live in 3…2…1!

Combine the mind of Martin Scorsese with an expert marketer, what do you get?

Facebook live.

The perfect venue to showcase who you are and what you are about – without having a big film crew…and Martin Scorsese of course. However, the possibilities are endless as far as what you can accomplish with Live. Stream live events, do Q&As, demo your product, etc.


Before an event, you can start by promoting and making sure your audience is aware of when to tune in. This will build up some anticipation as they countdown till you go Live.

Make sure you have an attention-grabbing description – one that is informative and fun to read.

Once the camera goes live, be sure to introduce yourself, as this invites viewers to engage with you as you stream.

At the end of your broadcast, it’s imperative that you include a simple call to action before signing off. Otherwise, where’s the marketing, in “video marketing”?

After the broadcast, you can edit your video by including a thumbnail, changing your description, or even adding a CTA button.


Getting swamped with visitor questions?

Use Facebook Live to keep the masses informed. Choose to do this monthly or weekly, and let your followers know you’ll be answering their questions on Live.

Promote your stream by encouraging people to ask questions in advance, so you know what to address once the camera starts rolling.


Some people need a visual demonstration when they ask, “how does it work?”

Facebook live is ideal for product demos and unboxings. It’s all about having fun with the audience and demonstrating the uses and capabilities of your product.

The Shamwow guy would’ve loved this.

6.) Ad Campaign+Facebook Video= More Views

The amount of noise uploaded to Facebook is outstanding – with over 100 million hours of video uploaded every day. It’s not difficult to get lost in there. However, with a little boost from an ad, you can increase the number of people your video gets in front of. Increasing your organic Facebook views, and achieving one of your primary goals as a video marketing strategist.

A sponsored video will reach those who are in your target audience but aren’t part of your network. Facebook ads allow you to target your audience based on age, location, etc., and lets you penetrate that market easier.

Before you begin promoting the video, here are some things to consider:

  • Does your video capture the viewer’s attention within the first 2-5 seconds?
  • How long is your video ad? (No more than 20 secs. total)
  • Is your thumbnail attention-grabbing?
  • Is your objective in-line with the campaign? (Conversions, engagement, reach, etc.)

7.) Facebook Insights Has Everything You Need To Analyze Results & Optimize For Future Vids

When it comes to successful Facebook video marketing, data is vital. Decisions get based on them, and results get driven by them. They are what keep every marketing strategy going.

So using Facebook Insights seems like a no-brainer for your video marketing, or at least it ought to be. With this little gem, you’re able to measure all the metrics that matter – the number of views, the duration, and even the completion rates of each video.

Once you have the data necessary to assess your audience engagement, you are now able to improve your videos and/or follow up on campaigns that seem to produce results.

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