7 Ways Businesses Benefit from Video Content Marketing

7 Ways Businesses Benefit from Video Content Marketing1. Video Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

If you’re a new business, you may have heard the term brand awareness. But what does it mean? Brand awareness is just what it sounds like: people are aware of your brand. That means online audiences know who your company is. But with all the websites online it can be difficult to for website visitors to find you to discover your brand. One of the most powerful ways for online viewers to learn about your brand is by creating videos for your company.

There’s one type of video that will let your prospects know more about your brand. These videos are called explainer videos. Explainer videos are typically two minutes in length and introduce online audiences to your products in services. When done well, explainer videos tell a story and engage viewers so they want to connect with your company.

2. Videos Builds Trust

How do you begin to build trust with prospects? There are numerous companies who offer false promises that don’t deliver. People browsing online are skeptical and don’t believe everything they read. You’re probably one of those people. With all the scam companies online, a buyer needs to protect themselves–and their wallets–from these false promises. Video content marketing is a good way to approach this problem.

Videos put a face and human being behind your business. And when you tell stories about how your products and services can help a prospect overcome their problems face-to-face they’re more inclined to want to connect with your business.

3. Videos Increases Attention Recall

With video content marketing, online viewers are more inclined to remember your brand. Think of popular commercials like the gecko from Geico and TV shows with narrators like Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, the narrator from the classic Twilight Zone TV show. Viewers still remember them to this day. This is because videos use a dual-sensory approach by engaging viewers with sound and sight.

The more senses used in advertising, the more apt a prospect is to remember you. Likewise, videos are a good way to make your brand memorable.

4. Videos Drive Social Media Engagement

Think of how many times you have shared a video through your social media platforms. That’s because visual content “attracts more attention, increases the number of visits and gets more social shares. That’s because, in the words of Facebook, videos provide a “richer storytelling format for advertisers.”

When people find video content engaging, they are more likely to share video links with their friends and professionals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Facebook even gives you the opportunity to feature your videos helping social users to find your company.

5. Improve Search Engine Ranking with Video

Video content marketing improves your chances of being found in search engines. They’re a good marketing tool to increase search engine marketing and search engine optimization. In return, this enables people searching Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to find your company faster. But know one important thing: web crawlers searching search engine criteria don’t index video themselves. Images aren’t searchable unless they have tags.

Indexers can only find the text. That’s why it’s necessary for you to include video tags, video descriptions, and transcripts to accompany your videos. A tip: when creating your video tags, Use good longtail keywords in your tags, descriptions, and transcripts for the best search engine ranking results. So when you create a video, don’t forget to include these three popular methods of turning up in search rankings.

6. More People Engage When You Post Videos

It’s rare for site visitors to read an entire article on your blog. The majority of people don’t make it past a headline. It’s common knowledge that browsers will skip past a blog post if they don’t like the headline. According to the Washington Post, many Americans don’t even read past a headline, stating that “six in 10 people” admit they haven’t read further than news headlines in the past week.

On the other hand, 65% of video viewers watch at least two-thirds of a video. If you write an engaging story with a good hook, you are likely to entice your audience, or at least want them to know more about your products and services.

7. Video Content Marketing Boosts Your Bottom Line

Most importantly, video content marketing delivers a better return on investment. Companies who don’t use video are basically leaving money on the table when they could have it in their pockets. Marketing professionals agree that video content produces the best source of ROI. Did you know that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video content marketing as their best sales tool?

Now you know that video content marketing increases brand awareness, builds trust with your audience, increases attention recall, drives social media engagement and boosts search engine rankings because more people prefer videos to other forms of content marketing. If you’re not already using video content marketing in your business marketing strategy perhaps you should. Our company helps companies–large and small–reach and exceed their business goals with comprehensive internet marketing services that drive results. Visit our website today to get started or contact us for answers to your most pressing marketing questions.

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