Corporate Photography

At IMPROZ we provide clients with an entire suite of high definition, photography services. From corporate photography, and team photos, to executive headshots and some of the most complex green screen composites. Our aim is to bring the most creative ideas to life and have them support your brand, company, service, or product.

Team Photography

It’s time to connect with your ‘human’ website visitors.
And what better way than making your website more…“humanized”?

Having team photos on your site is a great way to show off the actual people behind your company. It provides life to your company; it’ll help make your company seem friendly and inviting. 

In addition, having team photos make for a good first impression. A site only has a limited amount of time to capture a visitor’s attention.  So, with photos, you’re able to add interest to your page – plus it’s easier on the eyes than blocks of text.

At IMPROZ, we offer personalized team photography. No need to wrangle every employee for Picture Day, we provide an option to take individual photos of all the employees, and edit them together to produce a stunning team photograph.

Event Photography

When discussing event photography, it’s all about one thing, and one thing only. Capturing special moments! Whether that be a grand opening, a performance, corporate holiday celebrations, or just a company picnic, we take pride in helping businesses remember and display these special occasions.

Whether that be a grand opening, a performance, corporate holiday celebrations, or just a company picnic, we take pride in helping businesses remember and display these special occasions.

Product Photography

With your product being the focus point of your business, using professional product photography is a great way to display your merchandise. In most cases, it’s the first impression your client will receive of your brand. So it’s important to make it worthy.

At IMPROZ, we understand that one stellar photo can turn casual shoppers into returning clients. It just takes the right techniques and an attention to detail to bring your ideas to reality.

Portrait / Headshots

Is your personal brand critical to your business? Or perhaps you just need a professional headshot for your website or social media?

At IMPROZ, we offer masterful portraits and headshots for all business settings. We aim to capture certain moments in your soul in which you quietly demonstrate your strength to the world. We make sure your photos exude confidence, strength, and of course, coolness.

Advertising Photography

Interesting Fact: There’s a direct-link between the growth of your sales, and using professional high-quality images.

When talking about sales, ads, or advertising, this seems like a must. High quality images can be the difference between long-term growth and a struggling business. It’s a way for clients to see your brand identity before you even make your pitch.

We here at IMPROZ, have the knowledge of a sales team and the artsy talent of a grad school, art student. We understand the correlation between image quality and potential customers.

Real Estate / Architecture

Not many people consider real estate and art to be synonymous. But they can be – with the right photographer. Any property can be transformed into a masterful art piece with the right lighting and a special lenses.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality photographs (artwork) that capture the integrity and character of any location. We help our clients capture the true beauty of any given architecture, and give it that ‘home sweet home’ feeling.

Bottom line:

Our photography helps you sell more.

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