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At IMPROZ we provide clients with an entire suite of high definition corporate photography and advertising photography services.  From the executive profile pictures to team photographs to the most complex green screen composite using digital photography, special effects and graphics, we can bring the most creative ideas to life that support a brand, company, service or product.


First Impressions Count

First impressions are important. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and online you don’t have much time either.  That’s why we work hand in hand with clients to understand their culture, brand, and goals so that every image on a site has a purpose and effectively communicates to visitors.


High-Definition Photography Is the New Standard

Combining graphic design and high-resolution digital photography is a must today for any website – though often it is an afterthought when building a website. At IMPROZ, we show clients the value and the power of professionally taken high-resolution images.  We photograph teams, products, and workflows to create outstanding images that further a brand and engage viewers.


Low Definition, Stock, and Non-Professional Photos Must Go

Compelling images are vital for a website’s success.  Standard stock photography or images won’t do anymore.  More often than not, websites have low or standard definition photography or worse, non-professional photos where color, balance, lighting, and depth are poor.  In either case, such sub-par photography sticks out more than ever due to the penetration of high definition screens across nearly every digital device platform.  In short, low definition images look worse in high-definition.


High Definition Screens & High-Speed Internet Allow for More Powerful Images

With high-speed Internet available nearly everywhere and more powerful devices and screens, it is easier and faster than ever to make use of stunning high definition images. High-resolution customized photography makes a website stand out from the competition and attracts attention from visitors.  We can show you how to optimize your website images for not only faster downloading but also how to maximize them for SEO too.


Fully Leverage the Visual Medium

The Internet is a visual communication medium.  You read copy and text and watch video with your eyes.  Humans are capable of distinguishing approximately one million colors.  Vision is such an important and complex sense that it uses more of the brain to process information than the other senses combined.  These facts underscore the importance of quality graphics and photography for a website and online marketing.


We Make It Easy For Clients

Clients sometimes are a little nervous or overwhelmed by the process, no matter if it is photography of individuals, teams or their products.  To make a shoot go as smooth as possible, we meet beforehand to plan the shoot.  We provide tip sheets and agendas that are easy to follow and are concise.  Additionally, experience has taught us that it is better to shoot on location where a client’s products, teams, and employees are located.  Going to a client site is more efficient and productive for both the client and us.  Clients are more relaxed in an environment they already know, and with us going to the client the impact on a client’s operations and personnel are reduced.


Art, Technology & Creativity

At IMPROZ we like to say that internet marketing is part art and science and that is how we approach photography too.


IMPROZ uses the latest in digital photography equipment, software, and hardware but our team also applies creative, innovative and outside the box ideas to bring out the best in the images.



We encourage you to visit our web and high definition photography portfolio here and look at what a difference cutting edge technology along with experience and creative can do for images.  You will see that a picture really is worth a thousand words and maybe even more.


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