Branding That Resonates

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur and need help beginning your business venture, or you’re an established company introducing their new line of products/services – you’re going to need a branding company.


At IMPROZ we offer comprehensive identity services.

Everything you need for the BIG LAUNCH!

Rebrand & Repurpose

A strong brand is powerful. It can connect with your audience and cut through all the noise. But what happens if your brand is no longer achieving your company’s vision? What if circumstances change, and your existing brand doesn’t make sense anymore?

Rebranding. It’s a healthy part of a company’s life-cycle, and it can provide positive results. However, before the process begins, we must first have a clear understanding of “the why”.

Here are a few reasons you may need a rebranding:

  • Change of ownership (mergers, splits, leadership changes)
  • Reposition
  • Expand internationally
  • Improve reputation
  • Stay relevant (update yourself)

Branding Process

Design firms create your logo and business cards. Web development agencies program you a website. IMPROZ encompasses it all and brings your brand to life. We begin our branding process, or our ‘branding session’, by sitting down with you and learning EVERYTHING there is to learn about your business. We create an interactive experience designed to extract key information.

At IMPROZ, we work directly with you to produce a ‘brand identity’ that utilizes verbal, visual, and emotional attributes – defining your company and setting it apart from your competition.

Such as:

  • Brand archetype 
  • Brand identity
  • Market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Design guidelines
  • Customer personas
  • Style, voice, and tone of content writing
  • Social media presence
  • Naming and taglines

Branding Deliverables

We’ll provide everything you need for the brand launch

Graphic design, from a marketing perspective, includes anything affiliated with your personal brand. It keeps your brand identity coherent and consistent through all three categories of graphics.

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Internet Marketing Services

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Our marketing services include Photography, PPC, Branding, Video Production, SMM, Graphic and Logo Design, Web Apps, Email Marketing, and SEO.