Business Advisory Services

Do you own a business and want help navigating to become most successful? We are qualified to help because we are more than just skilled marketers. In addition, we have a certified public accountant on our team specializing in small business so that we can provide a higher level of service than most companies. Together, we can create a winning business strategy and then take it to market.

Marketing + Coaching

Great marketing attracts customers to your business. A strong business plan, consistent follow-through, and devotion to customer service keep them.

Loving what you do does not magically transform you into a business wiz. Every day, we talk to business owners who love their businesses, love their clients, and have significant market potential but still need to improve.

That is why IMPROZ/ Stander & Company goes beyond basic marketing. We offer business coaching services as well. Our marketing team drives customers to your business. Our business coach helps you handle them once they are there.

The Right Person for the Right Job

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges for a business owner. You need the right person for the right job. Many business owners do an okay job with downward staffing. They can hire employees to carry out daily tasks. However, they often need help with staffing people in decision-making positions. Feeling like you are giving up control over your business can be challenging.

A business coach helps you understand what type of help you need. Then, they help you find the people to fill those positions. Instead of taking control away from you, designating those tasks enables you to oversee your entire business.

Our Business Coach

Nicholas Stander

IMPROZ/ Stander & Company is fortunate to have a premier business coach, Nicholas Stander. Nicholas is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Trained as a CPA, Nicholas realized that businesses needed more than help with accounting or taxes. They needed someone to help them plan, implement, and manage their company’s financial activities.As a business coach, Nicholas helps you understand the role of business planning. He teaches you how to consider economic forecasts and budget for your business.

Then, Nicholas helps you determine what type of staffing needs you have.

Why a CPA Is Important

Many people think of CPAs as tax guys. CPAs are so much more than that. CPAs are fiduciaries trained to understand the long-term impact of today’s financial decisions. We can help you optimize your business to make more money, manage that money to create more opportunities, and protect the money that you make.

As a CPA business coach, Nicholas can help you

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Budgeting
  • Banking Relationship Managing
  • Develop Strategy
  • Handle Taxes
  • Make Capital Investments
  • Plan for Succession
  • Prepare for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • And More!

Value Your Time and Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Most business owners start out doing it all. When a business is small enough, that approach can make sense. However, as a business grows, owners become consumed with running it instead of doing what they love.
One of the best things about a business coach is that they help you decide what to outsource. If you are looking at IMPROZ/ Stander & Company, you are already contemplating outsourcing your marketing. We might encourage you to build on that idea. Put a dollar value on your time, so you can decide whether it is cheaper and easier to do things yourself or hire someone.

Who Do You Need to Help Your Business Succeed?

Once you realize you cannot do it all, the next step is determining what type of help you need. One of the challenges for a small business is that you may need certain types of support, but not full-time. How do you find quality part-time help that can perform those roles?

At IMPROZ/ Stander & Company, we can help you decide what functions to outsource to maximize the time you spend on your business.