Smash Design Case Study

This website design creates brand immersions by sculpting designs for their clients.


Smash Design stands out in the art world for creating immersive brand experiences. They faced a unique digital marketing challenge: reaching a diverse client base with unconventional search habits. Traditional SEO approaches were not sufficient, necessitating a creative and adaptive strategy.


Smash Design’s primary challenge was leveraging search marketing effectively. Their unique client base, largely comprised of marketing companies, did not follow traditional keyword phrasing. This required a more dynamic and innovative approach to SEO and Google Ads.


To address these challenges, we developed a multifaceted digital marketing strategy:

Innovative SEO Strategy: Tailored an evolving SEO approach to align with the changing search patterns of their clients.

Google Ads Campaigns: Implemented targeted campaigns on both the Google Search Network and Google Display Network, ensuring broad yet relevant reach.

Website Design We created a website that captured the brand strategy and was SEO’d for discovery.


The combined power of customized SEO and strategic Google Ads led to remarkable results:

Significant increase in online visibility and client inquiries.

Business expansion, including hiring new employees and constructing a new facility to accommodate the growing number of projects.


Smash Design’s success story is a testament to the power of thinking outside the traditional digital marketing box. By embracing an evolving SEO strategy coupled with targeted Google Ads, they achieved substantial business growth, highlighting the effectiveness of our bespoke digital marketing solutions.