2021 Marketing Strategy – New Year, Let’s Go!

We provide a 2021 marketing strategy in this blog

Covid-19 was hard on us all, including many businesses. Things, though, are looking up. This may be the month to give your business a new look, move more traffic through your website, and give your company the profits it deserves. IMPROZ Marketing, a specialized part of Stander & Co, is the marketing tool you need […]

What Is Video Marketing for Business? From Conception to Production to Marketing

We provide helpful information on how to use video marketing for your business.

The world loves video. We watch it everywhere. On our computers, phones, TVs, and more. We find videos on almost every social media platform, website, and our favorite streaming services. The world of video is continuing to grow. Every year, new television streaming services become available. Our favorite social media platforms are offering new features […]

The Top 7 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

The Top 7 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

According to research, 77% of CMOs agree that marketing automation helps grow revenue. Marketing automation can include email campaigns, digital advertising, lead generation, and more. In general, marketing automation uses pre-determined attributes and or machine learning to run on their own. With some campaigns, you may need to set up workflows that can run on their own, […]

6 Marketing Questions to Ask Your Digital Agency Before Hiring Them

Do you got marketing questions?

Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to seize the year 2020 and take their brands to places it has never been before. One of the most natural solutions to doing that is to hire a digital marketing agency and put a new twist in your marketing strategy as a whole. The quest to find a […]

10 Undeniable Benefits of Digital Marketing

10 benefits of Digital Marketing

Did you know 82% of smartphone users do research on their phones before making a purchase? This means that if those consumers are not finding your company you’re missing out on business. Digital marketing is taking the advertising world by storm and for great reason. Keep reading to learn ten undeniable benefits of digital marketing in today’s […]

4 Simple Reasons Why You Need a Digital Content Strategy

Are you frustrated by the fact that your website just isn’t getting you the number of clicks — let alone the conversions — you wanted? Do you feel like your website is doing more to hurt your brand’s reputation than to help it? Are you just completely lost when it comes to how to develop […]