Marketing Should Include Video Marketing


It’s 2017. Having a well designed and high-performance website is a given for any company or organization regardless of size. A website is just part of doing business in the 21st Century. But most businesses that successfully use their website and digital marketing assets are always looking for an edge or a way to get the most out of their digital marketing.

Over the past few years, the importance of video has grown significantly for a variety of reasons including the adoption of more powerful smart devices by the public and the rapid expansion of broadband and high-speed Internet access.

The resulting effect is that over the last three years not only has video content become easier to produce; it has become a much more valuable tool to increase engagement and ultimately drive sales of products and services.

Where to Start

Plan Your Message & Plan Your Video

Many organizations shy away from leveraging video in their digital marketing for a variety of reason, but the two most common are the assumption that it is expensive and that it doesn’t drive results that count – like adding to revenue.

The first step for your video is to determine the goal of the video. Once the goal of the video is defined, you can begin working on the message (assuming that you know to whom you are communicating). After establishing the goal, audience and messaging, it is time to plan our your video scene by screen and word for word. If there are no spoken words, you will need to pay special attention to how best use sounds (or perhaps no sound) to communicate.

Points to Keep In Mind

Simplicity is Fine

It’s OK to keep it simple. A well thought out video on a modest budget can be as effective as one that has a large budget. The key to a successful video is the planning, messaging and delivery style – not necessarily the budget. In fact depending on the audience and platform where the video will play, simple can be perfect.

Repurpose Your Video

Many times we discover that clients have an existing video that is well produced but has only been used once. When you are in the planning stages of your video, it is a good idea to think about how you can reuse/repurpose the video for not only your website or presentation but how the video could be edited for use on social media, email, Facebook, and YouTube. Often we take an existing video and edit it for time and add effects to make it a bit different. With solid editing and a little forethought, you can really maximize your ROI on your video.

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At IMPROZ we understand the importance of video for digital marketing. From planning, writing, shooting to postproduction, we can create a powerful videos. The good news is they can be repurposed and tweaked for ongoing uses so you can get the most of them.

Don’t wait. Contact us today to learn how affordable using video for marketing can be. And how it can increase brand awareness and revenue.

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