Case Study: Defi Fiberglass – Strategic Marketing Leading to Continued Investment

This website design serves industrial companies products made from fiberglass.

 About Defi Fiberglass

Defi Fiberglass, a leader in the structural fiberglass industry, excels in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Grating Systems. They provide innovative solutions that surpass traditional materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. Known for prompt, reliable service, Defi Fiberglass eliminates delays, delivering top-notch fiberglass solutions efficiently.

 IMPROZ’s Role in Transformation

We were tasked to elevate Defi Fiberglass’s online presence. This involved not only SEO optimization of their website but also implementing a targeted Google Ads campaign, ensuring their unique value proposition shone through.


  • Digital Presence: Defi’s online visibility was underperforming, not generating the expected quality of leads.
  • Need for Personalized Strategy: Larger marketing firms failed to provide the tailored approach Defi required.
  • Demand for Measurable Results: Defi needed clear, substantial improvements in lead generation and quality.

 Our Strategic Solutions

  • SEO-Focused Website Overhaul: We optimized the website’s structure for SEO, enhancing its visibility and lead quality.
  • Targeted Digital Advertising: Our Google Ads strategy was designed to attract Defi’s ideal customer base.Adaptive Collaboration: We engaged in a continuous partnership with Defi, refining strategies to maximize ROI.

 Continued Investment and Future Plans

Encouraged by the significant improvements and tangible results from our initial efforts, the owner of Defi Fiberglass has decided to further invest in the new website design. This investment is part of a broader plan to expand their digital marketing initiatives, demonstrating their trust and satisfaction with our services. This next phase of development signals a deepening partnership, as we continue to explore innovative strategies to enhance Defi Fiberglass’s market position.

This case study exemplifies the IMPROZ commitment to not just meeting client expectations but exceeding them, fostering ongoing partnerships and continuous growth.