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Email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing is still very alive and well.  Despite repeated predictions that email and email marketing will go the way of the dinosaurs, email marketing is a vital part of many companies’ sales, marketing, and communications plan.  Email marketing is like any tool – it is as effective as the hands of craftsman that uses it.

At IMPROZ we work closely with clients to bring real results to their email marketing and related campaigns.  We utilize a holistic approach that looks at your entire marketing plan and determines how email marketing would best fit into and supports your sales and marketing goals.


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IMPROZ Email Marketing Services Include:

From developing an email marketing strategy all the way through executing a campaign and evaluating the analytics and recalibrating, we have the experience and expertise to create and manage email marketing plans that deliver results that drive the bottom-line.

Statistics to note​

Need more proof that email is a powerful tool to connect with your customers, build brand loyalty and increase revenues? Here are some impressive metrics that demonstrate the value of email marketing:

  • The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports companies receive on average an ROI on email marketing of $38 for every dollar spent.
  • The DMA study also demonstrated that 45% of companies report an ROI of $70 to for each dollar spent on email marketing.
  • According to management consultancy McKinsey, email is 40x more effective for acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Experian reports that email marketing is 20x more efficient than traditional media marketing.

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