Graphic Design Trends 2015

Graphic Design Trends for 2015With 2015 well underway, you may wonder if your internet marketing campaign has incorporated all of the graphic design trends 2015. Those who have chosen not to follow the latest and greatest trends graphic design has to offer may find that they are becoming a little dated.

Here are a few of the hot graphic design trends in 2015 that can take your website into the now:

Retro Designs

So you want to be in the now? Then you have to go back to the ’80s and ’90s. You should be seeing more designs that focus their graphics on the looks and colors of our past. Internet marketing strategies can incorporate these fun designs in order to grab the attention of the audience and stay in line with the top competitors, instead of behind them.

Interactive Infographics

Your internet marketing plan should already include images and infographics. This year, we are seeing more interactive infographics that positively engage your traffic, and keep them coming back for more. This helps to keep your bounce rate low and is a fun way to communicate with your customers.

Icons That Are Hidden

While some suggest that this will not have a positive impact on your internet marketing plan because the icons can be hard to find at times, others say that it clears your website up and gives it a fresh look and feel. Either way, it’s trending in 2015 and when done correctly, it can give your site a cleaner feel.

Flat Design

A nice, flat design is trending right now. And while the realism designs aren’t going anywhere any time soon, the flat design can get you some great results for your internet marketing plan. They are great for newsletters, sales promotions, and look amazing when incorporated into infographics and home pages.

Hand Drawn Elements in Logos

Having a logo is crucial to creating a brand and to have a strong internet marketing strategy. This year, adding that unique element of a hand-drawn logo, or a piece of the logo, has been a big hit. It gives the logo a recognizable and authentic look in an online environment that has become saturated with competition. For years, graphic designers have been working to perfect their lines and images, but every now and then it’s refreshing to see a little imperfection in our digital world.

Geographical Elements

With everyone working so hard to optimize their website on a local level, it’s no wonder that people want to see those geographical elements in their graphic design and internet marketing plan. Designers are incorporating the outlines of states and city skylines into their designs, as well as elements that represent their regions such as state flowers, popular local foods, and other elements that the area is well known for.

Let Us Keep Up With The Trends For You!

We make it our personal mission at IMPROZ to ensure you only get the most current and up to date designs that attract new visitors. And we want our designs to excite people who have been viewing your pages for years. Our team based in Houston Texas is ready to work with you to supercharge the graphics for your website.

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