How to Discover Your Brand Archetype and Why It’s So Important to Your Success

How to Discover Your Brand Archetype and Why It's So Important to Your Success

Are you innocent? An outlaw? Or an hero? Do you even know your brand personality? Many business people haven’t yet known about this new and innovative marketing strategy. The strategy is set to build and shape your brand into something unbelievable.

This new wave in marketing introduces the 12 brand archetypes. These are said to be the golden chip in the brand that allows a business to connect with its customers. The most successful brands today are based on their brand archetype.

If you are looking for that unique feature for your business, a sustainable brand identity, and a strong personality. Its time to discover your brand’s archetype and learn how it’s essential to your success.

Brand Archetype is The Personality

A book by Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson states that Archetypes are like the heart’s connection of the brand. It’s what makes the brand alive and relatable to its target audience. It feels like having a relationship with a brand.

While other marketing strategies have worked these past years tremendously. The new revolution has allowed people to understand businesses on a higher level. It’s vital that every business finds its personality so it can develop.

If you’ve been looking for that big boost in your business, then follow these three crucial steps. Discover your brand personality.

1. Define Your Brand

A brand is a face. An accurate image of the business. Before you can define your archetype, understand your representation of the world. How do people identify you?

Dig deep into the organization’s culture and learn about what makes you unique. What solution do you present to the audience? What values speak right to your brand? How do people relate to your brands?

A good example is the sage brand archetype. Knowledgeable, wise, faithful to its source, and analytical. Such brands aim to insight the world on news and information. That perfectly defines the BBC and Google.

2. Create a Template for Your Brand

Once you have identified your values, drawbacks, and goals, draw out a template. Jot down what you want your brand archetype to be. Sample questions to answer can be:

● I want my business to make people _
● People relate to my business because it is _
● My brand strongly associates with these features _

Right from the feedback you get from your audience, what stands out for your business. Do clients feel they can trust you? Does the audience feel motivated by you? Do they feel connected or happy to be affiliated with you?

Different brand archetypes will give off different traits. A unique marketing niche that allows you to sell and understand just what your customers need from you.

3. Understand the Industry Competition

It’s equally important to know your competitors. Are you a guru in the industry? Do people mimic you? There are two ways you can go down the competition path.

● Run alongside
● Run against

If you run alongside, you can follow your competitors’ path after analyzing your personality. Create a better strategy and win them in their own game. Otherwise, you can go in the opposite direction and see which strategies work best in the industry.

A good illustration here is with car brands. The Mercedes Benz has a ruler brand personality. It’s more of a leader and role model. The Jeep has an explorer identity, likes adventures, and new experiences. BMW is a hero. Strives to be courageous and bold. Stand out against other brands.

All personalities have their strengths and weaknesses. Pinned against your competitors, you can follow the crowd or stand against and become unique.

Importance of Brand Archetype 

What’s next when you discover your brand personality? What is a brand archetype going to do for you that other marketing strategies won’t?

1. Defines Your Role

As cliche as it may sound. Your archetype can shape your brand by giving you a new sense of direction. Defining purpose in the industry. Your personality can allow you to discover what your business can do for people’s lives.

2. Connects with People

As mentioned above, bringing business to acknowledge a personality makes the company alive and human. It’s not enough to market an idea to be your customers. Now there’s a chance actually, to let the audience have a piece of the brand.

The brand can quickly learn its flaws and improve its strengths when people identify and resonate with them.

3. Creates Long Lasting Impressions

When the business is starting, people try as much as people to educate their audience about the brand. What the business can do for them, the benefits of being associated with them.

With the same mentality, a brand archetype will allow your customers to stick by you regardless of the size of your market Especially with small and medium enterprises, (SMEs), the personalities will enable you to build your brand from small to a big corporation.

4. Boosts Sales and Marketing

This point can’t be emphasized enough. The right and identifiable personality make it much easier to connect with your audience. You can develop narratives that create content which people can relate towards.

This relationship allows brands to appeal and attract clients in whichever perspective. Your connections with the companies and your audience will be stronger than before.

5. Allows for Difference in Brands

Using the example above of car brands. When people seek to buy cars, they want something they can attach themselves to. With these personalities, a brand can easily stand out from its competitors. Allow people to privately and intently select them over other options.

Elevate Your Brand

In a perfect world, you would sell your product or service, and people would buy them. But in this much more competitive world, you have to be intelligent, precise, and pristine with your branding. That is the only way you will attract customers.

Using brand archetype plus new marketing strategies, you will be one step ahead to growing your brand. Contact us, and let’s build your business with vision and determination.

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