Interactive Website Design Creates Conversation

Wouldn’t it be great if it were virtually possible to stand inside your website so that when your visitors arrive you can be there to answer their questions? Well… you can…kinda. Along with some creativity and design skills, you can have an interactive website design.

Your website visitors want to have a two-way conversation about your products and services. There are different ways to add communication to your site so that it is interactive. Are you ready to learn how?

Interactive Website Design

Your company needs to have an interactive website design; however, this will take some programming knowledge. One that programmers are suggesting is J-Query. It is a language for coding from JavaScript. J-Query works like JavaScript where it is used to help with interactions. J-Query hasn’t been around that long, however, it is catching on very quickly.

You’re probably thinking… Ok, I understand-now-having interactive website design is important, but If there’s already JavaScript and this is more widely understood, why J-Query? J-Query makes it possible to be much more creative with less coding-simple to use if you know JavaScript. This code connects with other languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP and CGI, too.

Today, having an interactive website design is a must. Web users want to learn and be able to interact with companies content. They want to post and read reviews, share and make comments. My suggestion is to make it possible any way you can.

Interactions Started Long Ago

Our ancestors use to sit around campfires and tell hunting stories. Some historians suggest that these storytellers would adjust their story with the response to the audience. This is an example of early interactivity. I know what you’re thinking…how does this relate to interactive website design? I’m glad you asked…it explains how we are hard wired to communicate.

This has always been the most effective communication. Companies that don’t do this can be missing out of lots of opportunities. If your business is online, it’s important to understand your visitors want to interact with your brand. Don’t make the mistake of not realizing this. Give them what they want. Maybe, J-Query isn’t right for you, don’t leave away from this without getting the overall message. The message is to compel, engage and interact with your visitors. Consider, having an interactive website design.

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