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The Internet has changed the way both consumers and businesses buy your products or services. This change has impacted marketing forever and requires a new approach. The real meaning of Internet marketing services does not disregard traditional marketing because it can still be very useful, except the goal would be to guide the audience to the company’s website.


Your business needs to be discoverable and prominently positioned if you are going to get quality attention consistently. You need an Internet marketing plan that is going to help you achieve your business goals.


IMPROZ has the talent and skills that it takes to develop successful campaigns for companies. These disciplines are vast and highly specialized.


These skill sets include internet marketing services such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Photography, Creative Writing, Social Media, Pay Per Click Marketing and SEO. Let us explain these various talents and the philosophy IMPROZ has with them because knowing this can help you realize the potential you’ll have by working with us.

IMPROZ – Internet Marketing Services


Branding is far more than a logo. The branding process is the comprehensive exploration of differentiation, values, images, positioning, and identity that a company wants customers to have when they think of or engage with it or its products. At IMPROZ our methodology assists clients to identify customer perceptions, reveal overlooked values and differentiators or discover new ones.


A great website doesn’t just look good, it engages visitors and collects valuable data. A properly designed website is an asset, a revenue generator, and a marketing communication platform to further your organization’s sales and marketing goals. We like to say that a great website is equal parts science and equal part art combined.


Graphic design is crucial to the success of your website. Websites are primarily a visual medium and like the adage say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The human brain has more gray matter designated to process vision than it does all the other sense combined. And although we no longer paint in caves, we do still like pictures with our stories. Let us show you how graphic design can make a beautiful site that is also user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.


Linking up to graphic design, high-resolution digital photography is a must for any website - though often ignored at first. With ever increasing resolution capabilities for every type of screen from TVs to mobile devices, professional photography is a must. Let us photograph your team, products, and workflows and bring the subjects to life.


Social media marketing is a POWERFUL opportunity to interact with your audience and build recognition of your brand and even drive sales. But how can you turn shares, likes, and other kudos into business intelligence or actual sales? At IMPROZ we look at the entirety of your marketing plan and your customer's social media habits, and we then chart a map that helps you measure results from social media and get the most from it.


Google and / or Bing advertising is an important piece of any online marketing mix. PPC provides the opportunity for your business or product to be positioned instantly at the top of search results without having to reach that rank by “organic” methods – which can take months to accomplish. PPC is like a jump-start for your online advertising and traffic to your site.


Original content, especially written content, is what search engines seek out. Original written content that is informative and authoritative is what Google, Bing, Yahoo want to bring to their users. The better and more informative the content is, the higher/better a page will rank win search engine results. Content creation is part of a larger SEO strategy that is an ongoing task due to changes in the major search engines’ algorithms.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing is the process by which all of your content, technology, email, video and social media are designed with best practices so that they make it fast and easy for search engines to find your information and quantify it. SEO is an ongoing task because the main search engines routinely enhance their engines, algorithms, and bots to provide more accurate results for their users.


Despite what its detractors say, email marketing is still a cost effective and productive way to communicate with customers and the numbers prove it. According to IBM in 2015 some industries in the US had a 17% Click Thru Rate. Depending on your industry and your customer psychographics and demographics, email could be an excellent solution to connect with customers and boost growth.


Did you know that search engines can now evaluate video content and use it in page ranking? Given the increasing availability of wireless high-speed Internet access, furthermore having more powerful mobile device, video consumption is taking up a large piece of the content consumption pie than ever before. If your customers are embracing video, then you need to be where they are.

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