Do You Need a Link Building Company in 2018?

Do You Need a Link Building Company in 2018?Link building is a critical part of any SEO campaign. But do you understand the ins and outs of inbound and outbound links? Take advantage of a link building company that can drive the best traffic to your site.

There are dozens of ways you can improve SEO. The most common method is using the right keywords. Most companies understand the importance of great content as well.

But link building is often an oversight. Many agencies still use strategies that do not work. For this reason, it’s important to choose one that has the skills and expertise to run your campaign. The right link building company can help your site become more relevant to your target audience. This results in more traffic and sales.

Why You Need Links

Links have been a vital part of SEO for years. They continue to be important today. But the ways in which they matter have evolved. In the early days, some companies would fill their sites with links. They didn’t care about relevance or authority.

Search engines are now more intuitive. They can measure the context of your links and tell if those links are relevant and of good quality for visitors.

Outbound Links

You should use outbound links strategically. That means linking only to reputable, relevant sites. Link any statistics you use to their online sources, for example.

You can link text when you reference something as well. But don’t use links too much. It hurts the user experience and looks bad to the search engines.

Internal Links

Search engines also like internal links. This means linking content to other pages on your site. If you reference a previous blog post, for instance, link the referencing text to the post.

Many companies don’t use common sense with internal links. They use them too sparingly or they overdo it. Finding the right balance is a common challenge.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are the most difficult links to acquire. These are links from reputable websites that direct traffic to your own. You need a good reputation to acquire them.

Many companies spam other sites to acquire these links. They often get links from spammy websites, which eventually affects their SEO efforts.

Link Maintenance

Your website is constantly evolving. Other websites connected to your pages evolve as well. Thus, link maintenance is an important aspect of link building.

You don’t want inbound links to pages you’ve deleted. This applies to internal links as well. And you don’t want outbound links that go to sites that are no longer active.

Successful link building is a lot of work. It requires acumen and strategy as well. Partnering with a link building company is a great way to stay on top of these tasks.

5 Things a Link Building Company Can Do

The right company can maximize your SEO potential and increase brand awareness. Link building requires a set of skills you won’t find in most places, so it’s important to get expert help.

Here are five things a successful link building company can do for you:

1. Implement the Best Practices When Linking Your Content

The first big mistake in link building is linking to the wrong content. This can mean too much linking or simply using the wrong text. Infrequent linking from page to page is an issue as well.

A link building company will help you maximize the value of your content. They will know how to link based on how much and what kind of content you have. They can help you do this throughout your website as well.

Search engines will consider your website dynamic and well-placed. They will see you have carved out a relevant place on the web. And with good quality links, they’re more likely to drive traffic your way.

2. Aquire Quality Links

Link building is tiresome. Companies often underestimate the value of linking to quality websites.

Does your visitor want you to link to a junky website? Or does he want to see useful information that supports your claims? Link building should be a service, not a distraction for visitors.

As you build the relevance of your site, your SEO only improves. Visitors who click your links and come back signal positive outcomes on your site. The right company can help you with these aspects.

3. Choose the Right Websites

Choosing the right websites is a key aspect of link building. That means getting quality links from reputable sources that provide value to your audience. If you’re a car manufacturer, it won’t help you get links from a fashion blog.

Using third-party data is a good place to start. The right company will help you identify opportunities in your niche. They will choose the best anchor text and keywords as well.

Quality trumps quantity. The web has evolved to the point where the search engines focus on user experience. Companies that understand SEO will know the implications of each link they use.

4. Get Inbound Links

Inbound links are perhaps the most tedious part of link building. You must attract or convince other websites to link to your own. And you only want good websites to do so.

There are several ways you can accomplish this. You can publish useful content and share it with other websites. They might like the content and link to it.

You can link to websites from which you want inbound links. Do this often enough, and you might leverage it in your request. But you need great content for other websites to consider you.

How can you maintain this ongoing process? A link building company can help. They will advise you on best practices for accomplishing these goals.

5. Maintain Your Edge

Over time, you will add more content and take down other pages. Other websites to which you link will evolve too.

Partner with a link building company to stay on top of these changes. Prevent pages from going nowhere and other websites doing the same. With the right support, your website will deliver the best possible experience to visitors and search engines alike.

Choose a Complete SEO Solution

At IMPROZ, we’re link building pros ready to transform your business. But we’re experts in all other SEO practices as well. Read to get started? Contact us today and let’s discuss your vision!

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