The Local SEO Importance


If you are a business owner, chances are you know how important search engine optimization is to making sure your company can be found on the web. But of increasing importance is local SEO, whether you are located in the middle of a large city like Houston, one of its neighborhoods or even in the suburbs.

Why? When potential customers use Google or another search engine, they often are looking for a business that meets their needs that is also close to them. Doing everything you can to make sure that your business appears as close as possible to the top of this list is crucial to growing your sales – particularly if you serve a primarily local clientele. This applies especially to businesses like restaurants, independent stores, medical offices and more.

Businesses can take a number of straightforward steps to try to increase their local SEO ranking in Houston. These steps, however, must be done just so. Therefore it may be wise to hire a Houston SEO company, which can undertake the project both quickly and accurately.

Improving Local SEO in a Nutshell

Your business should have a variety of citations, mentions, and other listings online. On each of these, your business’s identifying information – its name, address and phone number (also known as its NAP) – should be identical.

Yes, exactly the same. Have multiple phone numbers? Choose one. Have multiple locations? Make different listings. And no misspellings!

Take a look at your website as well. Make sure that your business’s contact information is listed. In addition, use words throughout your site that are unique to your areas, such as the name of your city and neighborhood.

And speaking of your neighborhood, hyperlocal SEO may become even more important to Google, according to a recent article from Entrepreneur. Informal neighborhood names may make it difficult to get ranked, but using the right terms can help you rank in both formal and informal categories.

Of course, this is just an overview of what local SEO can involve. But these examples show you how seemingly simple steps can make a big difference.

Taking the First Step

In large cities such as Houston, ranking high in local SEO can be a challenge. But a high local SEO ranking is an achievable goal for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large companies. The important part is to take the first step toward accomplishing this goal and, in the process, growing your customer base throughout Houston. IMPROZ Internet Marketing is a qualified Houston SEO company that would love to help you achieve online success, please call us today at 832-209-2211.

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