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As a full-service marketing agency, IMPROZ provides an array of services to clients including logo creation and comprehensive graphic design.  We help inspire, design and execute any logo or graphic design project.



From creating a logo from scratch to updating an existing logo and making it resonate to better convey your brand to connect with customers, IMPROZ has created logos for a wide array of businesses.  From B2B to B2C, we take a holistic approach to logo design.  We work closely with clients to understand their culture, values, products and customers.  Moreover, we also contemplate the overlooked but still very important areas of logo design applications and uses.  These variables often require slight variations of the main design.


After completing the branding session, we develop prototype sample logos.  Working with the client, we more fully develop and hone the logos down to a finalist.


Depending on whom you talk logos with, there are between five to seven logo categories.  For discussion here, we will cover five types of logos.

  • Wordmark logos are generally just text. Prime examples of Wordmark logos include VISA, Google, and Dell.
  • Lettermark logos just utilize the company’s initials – perhaps “Intitialmarks” would be a more fitting name, nonetheless, “Lettermark” logos are some of the most memorable and help shorten otherwise long and unwieldy corporate names. In any event, memorable Lettermark logos are NASA, IBM, CNN, NFL, BBC, NASCAR, and GE.
  • Brandmark logos are often a symbol or an icon for a company. The Apple logo with a bite taken out of it and the Target “bullseye” are excellent archetypes of the brandmark logo.  Other strong examples of brandmarks include the Microsofts’ Window’s pane logo and the NBC peacock logo.
  • Combination Marks combine text and a symbol. There are combinations of the wordmark and brandmark logos.  Combination marks are utilized by companies around the world in many industries and from B2Bs to B2Cs.  Adidas, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Adobe, Qantas, and Citibank.
  • Emblem logos refer to logos that have text inside a symbol. While Starbucks mermaid logo is a combination logo, it is more accurately described as an emblem logo.  Universities historically make use of emblems that resemble a coat of arms.  From Oxford to Harvard emblem logos stand out around the world.  Another major industry that uses emblem logos is the automobile industry.  Ford, BMW, and GM are known worldwide for their iconic emblem logos.  Moreover, it is common in professional sports for teams to employ emblem logos.  Two of the largest soccer teams in the world by revenue and fan base use emblems – Liverpool Football Club and Manchester United.


While working on logos can be incredibly creative and fun, there is a lot to consider when creating or updating one.  It pays to have an experienced marketing and branding agency to help guide a company through this process.


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