Off-site Vs On-site Blog-What’s Most Important?

Are you wondering what direction to go…off-site Vs on-site blog? The real answer to this question can depend on your company’s status and goals. For bigger companies that already have good rankings in search engines and want to have various topics apart from their main-site goals published, possibly an off-site blog would be good for them. Now…if your brand is in need to express its personality, philosophies and in need of better search engine rankings, we suggest keeping your content on your website by having an on-site blog.

Off-site Vs On-site Blog Verdict

A business blog can help practically any organization gain customers and add credibility. And those benefits multiply if that blog is hosted on the business’s own website. Why? Incorporating a blog into your business website can increase your visitors, boost your sales and improve your search engine rankings. So there…you have our advice concerning off-site Vs on-site blog.  If you’re like me then you’ll want to know more about the why…so here are three Reasons to host an on-site blog.

1. On-Site Blogs – More Ways to Find Your Website

Every blog post you publish is one more way for a potential customer to be introduced to your business. In addition to regular readers who will come to know and trust your blog, others will find your blog through search engines. Whether they use keywords you are optimizing for or unexpected long-tail keywords, wouldn’t you rather they come to a blog on your site rather than one hosted elsewhere?

2. Search Engines Like Blogs.

Search engines such as Google tend to reward sites that have fresh content. An on-site blog that is updated several times each week results in a website that constantly has new content. That proves to search engines that the site is alive and active. Hosting your blog on-site means your entire business website may benefit from higher search engine rankings.

3. An On-Site Blog Strengthens Your Brand.

Whether entertaining or informative, blog posts are popular fodder for social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Visitors who are unlikely to post a link to your homepage, for example, may be much more willing to link to a blog post they found fun or interesting – even if they aren’t yet clients. This results in an even wider audience that is introduced to your business.

If you want to attract readers and turn them into customers, many blogging rules are the same whether you host that blog on-site or off-site. For example, consistently publishing posts is a great idea no matter what the URL of your blog. Also, consider maintaining a consistent look so your blog complements the rest of your website (which, in fact, may be easier to do if your blog is hosted on-site anyway).

We hope we can help settle the off-site Vs on-site blog questions here, so remember…if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck – and have the time you put into it – then hosting your business blog on-site is the way to go.

Doe’s your company want a new we site with an on-site blog on it? We’d be happy to help set that up for you. Contact us by filling out this form over to the right or call us at 832-209-2211. 

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