Equinox Values Case Study: Expert Houston Web Design Connects with South America

This website design was the first Spanish site we ever done.

About Equinox Values:Equinox Values has stood as a stalwart in project support, offering personal visits to guide clients through every venture phase. Specializing in both Capex and Opex development, they bring over 40 years of technological experience in designing equipment for the most demanding applications. Their team of specialized engineers provides valuable technological exchange to all their clients.

Our Role:

For Equinox Values, we took on the unique challenge of developing a bilingual website that not only reflected the brand’s Houston roots but also spoke directly to their core audience in South America. This project signified our first venture into Spanish website design, a task we embraced wholeheartedly.


Language Barrier: To bridge the gap between English and Spanish-speaking audiences, we integrated bilingual functionalities, ensuring a smooth user experience for all.

Cultural Nuances: Understanding the South American market was crucial. We dived deep into market research to craft a user experience resonating with this audience’s unique demands.


Custom Design: We adapted Equinox’s established brand identity into a visual language that spoke to both markets.Strategic Content: The site features both English and Spanish content optimized for SEO to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

The Outcome:

The bilingual site successfully serves Equinox’s Houston and South American clients, reinforcing the brand as an international industry leader.