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For more than 25 years, Advanced Geodetic Surveys (AGS) has provided surveying companies, primarily in the United States, with quality survey equipment and exceptional customer service.

Although they launched and have maintained their website since the early 2000s, it wasn’t a significant focus or revenue driver for their business. However, in 2016, with the growth of B2B e-commerce coupled with the sustained downturn in the oil and gas sector, AGS determined it was the right time to maximize their digital sales and marketing footprint and sell to other industries. They knew they needed to attract new customers from industries outside of the energy sector and that they needed to open their business to international opportunities.

After an exhaustive search for the right digital marketing partner, AGS selected IMPROZ to develop their marketing strategy, design a new website and create brand awareness that would generate new leads and increase revenues.


Like many other companies that supported the oil and gas sector, the prolonged and sharp downturn negatively impacted AGS. AGS knew they had untapped potential with their web presence and online marketing but weren’t sure where or how to start. Besides diversifying their client base, AGS also wanted to expand their geographical market beyond the United States. But again, they weren’t certain how to best reach these new markets and maximize the outcome.


AGS was aware that their website was not generating significant traffic. The site was using legacy technologies and outdated designs. In short, it was unresponsive on mobile devices, beset by poor user experience/interface as compared to competitor sites and it didn’t drive traffic. Moreover, the company’s social media presence was lagging significantly behind its competitors and was in need of a major reboot. It was time to bring in internet marketing and design experts.

The Objective

To build a modern, responsive and high performing website that would bring increased traffic and measurable marketing results to AGS.

The Objective

To build a modern, responsive and high performing website that would bring increased traffic and measurable marketing results to AGS.


We redesigned the site to communicate and strengthen the AGS brand. With end-users (customers) in mind, we reconfigured and enhanced navigation so the user journey would be seamless, intuitive and predictable. We carefully crafted the content to ensure every topic was one that generated interest and that the content was clearly and concisely written. Additionally, we made sure that the content carried the brand theme throughout the site with bold and clear messaging. Beautiful custom images and graphics underscored the brand and helped tell the story. This theme and style matched AGS’ new social profiles too.


The content structure fulfilled both SEO and marketing objectives. Besides the high ranking content on search engine results, we further ran marketing campaigns on PPC, remarketing and social media. The results are self-evident.

Project Features

Responsive Web Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click Management
Social Media Marketing
Google Remarketing
Search Analytics
E-commerce Module
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chat Feature
Support Library

The Results

Just 90 days after the launch of AGS’ website and implementation of our marketing efforts we have seen outstanding results.


Total Visitors

This is traffic driven by the strategic SEO and Marketing process.


Form Fill Outs

Majority of the requests are looking for multiple items.


Phone Calls

This is made up of customers who are ready to rent or make equipment purchase.

Growth in Social Profiles

AGS on Twitter

From 132 to 1592 Followers

AGS on Facebook

From 92 to 437 Followers

AGS on LinkedIn

From 831 to 2430 Connections

* All connections made are industry targeted