Content Marketing Done Right is King

Many Houston SEO companies are frustrated with Google’s
new algorithms. On the contrary, we’re excited because it challenges brands to be more creative and this is what we’re great at. We get the opportunity to help companies
like yours. We do this, meanwhile remembering one thing: Content is King!

Google launched a major change to its legendary search algorithms last year. Google designed Hummingbird to provide quicker query results with greater precision. The engineers based the search parameters on semantic search, which delivers on user intent instead of individual keywords. Those that have an SEO company that relies on doing things the old way will no longer be successful for businesses.

Hummingbird considers the entire inquiry, sentence, or conversation rather than a keyword. The outcome provides search results far more relevant to the user’s request. This “conversational search” significantly differs significantly from old Google and what most SEO company owners aren’t equipped to deal with. This forces SEOs to be creative and not just technical.

SEO Explained in Another Way

If you were to search: “Where is the closest place to buy a Gucci purse to my home?” Previously, the search engine might focus on individual words such as buy and purse. However, a search based on the entire sentence produces results narrowed first to shops nearby that sell Gucci purses. The new search algorithm will understand more than the definitions of the words. The user may get results to shops in the neighborhood that sell Louis Vuitton and Tory Burch purses as well. Hummingbird provides an intuitive experience that goes beyond matching a web page to one or two keywords.

For professionals who have built an SEO company based on keyword delivery, Hummingbird presents some challenges and opportunities to rebrand and rebuild in the new SEO environment. “Content is King” is the new phrase to remember because of the new algorithms, as well as being the driving business directive of SEO. One or two keywords sprinkled redundantly throughout a news article or blog post will not get results. Hummingbird seeks original, quality content to match the consumer’s preferences.

The new algorithm represents the continuing development of Google’s semantic abilities that empowers it to read complex search inquiries. This expansion into semantic search will enhance SEO practices, and professionals who embrace Hummingbird will benefit their clients. To be successful with Google’s algorithms, webmasters and marketers need to promote the unique selling proposition (USP) of the individual businesses. Hummingbird will reward those companies that have authoritative and knowledgeable content on their websites. This is the future of content creation.

More importantly, while “Content is King” may be the new motto of SEO, the content will produce far better results when shared across social media through identified influencers. This practice takes time and commitment, and not all SEO companies meet the high standards set by Google with the algorithm called Hummingbird. Seeking out a high-quality SEO company, like IMPROZ Marketing Company, makes all the difference because you’ll get higher SEO Houston rankings, and that will lead to website traffic.

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