Texas Eco Blast Case Study

This website design is for residential and commercial customers that need power washing and sand blasting


Texas Eco Blasting approached us with a unique marketing challenge: they wanted to expand their client base from primarily residential to include commercial customers. With advanced sand blasting equipment ready to be showcased, they needed an effective online presence, something they had never ventured into before.


Predominantly residential customer base, reliant on referrals and a need to showcase advanced equipment to attract commercial clients. The company had no previous website or online marketing experience.


We developed a concise, targeted microsite focusing on their advanced equipment and services. The site was optimized for Google Ads, making it highly effective for targeted advertising and provided a cost-effective online solution that laid the foundation for future expansion.


The strategy successfully expanded the client base to include commercial customers, enhanced online visibility for their state-of-the-art sand blasting services, and provided a scalable online platform that could grow with their business.


Texas Eco Blasting’s journey from a referral-based residential service to a commercially viable entity highlights the power of a targeted online presence. Our tailored microsite solution not only met their immediate needs but also positioned them for future growth and success.