What Is Video Marketing for Business? From Conception to Production to Marketing

What Is Video Marketing for Business? From Conception to Production to Marketing, we explain it all in this blog.

The world loves video.

We watch it everywhere. On our computers, phones, TVs, and more. We find videos on almost every social media platform, website, and our favorite streaming services.

The world of video is continuing to grow. Every year, new television streaming services become available. Our favorite social media platforms are offering new features specifically for video.

With so many people and platforms utilizing video, video marketing for business is a must. It’s an effective method of sharing your brand and reaching thousands, if not millions, of potential customers.

Do you want to include video marketing in your next marketing campaign? But are unsure where to start or how to plan it?

Here’s everything you need to know about video marketing for business.

What is Video Marketing for Business?

The idea of video marketing for business is straightforward. It’s a marketing campaign that uses video to promote a business’s brand, product, or service.

What kind of content do you put in the video? Well, almost anything you would want that helps build your brand and reach potential customers.

There are several different ways to go about video marketing. You could use at as a weekly blog sharing how-to videos, live events, or explainer videos. Another option is to share testimonial and corporate training videos.

The 2 main challenges most marketing teams face is creating an effective idea and production of the videos. Let’s take a closer look at how you can start adding video marketing to your business’s marketing campaigns.

Planning a Video Marketing Strategy

You may be happy to hear that planning a video marketing strategy is similar to planning any other type of marketing strategy. You can use video as a stand-alone marketing campaign or use it to add a video to a larger campaign. Here’s where you should start.

Identify Your Target Audience

You start planning every marketing campaign by identifying your target audience. The same goes for video marketing. Before you plan your video, you need to know who your target audience is. Learn about their likes/dislikes, interests, goals, and what video platforms they use.

Have a Clear Goal

Your next objective is to identify your goal or what you’re trying to achieve with the video. Is your plan to boost brand awareness? Are you trying to increase sales?

Whatever your goal is, it needs to be clear as you’ll be referring to it throughout the production of your video. Every decision you make should reflect your end goal.

Make a Budget

With your audience identified and your goal clearly stated, you need to plan a budget. Video marketing can get costly fast depending on the type of video you’re creating. Make a list detailing the equipment you need, travel costs, advertising costs, and editing.

Video marketing can be an exciting process. Be careful not to get too carried away with your budget, especially if this is your first video marketing campaign.

Selecting the Type of Video

Let’s take a small step back and ask what kind of video we are thinking about creating?

Do you want a live recording of an event? A recording of employees or customers? Or an animated video?

There are more types of videos than recordings of live events or your employees. Here are the most popular types of videos worth checking out.

Demo & How-To Videos

Demo and how-to videos are an engaging and useful way to show how your products and services work. They’re a great way to answer common questions your target audience has.

Get creative with how you film it. Record an unboxing, try putting your product through rigorous tests, or record a humorous tour.

Interviews & Testimonials

Most potential customers like to read reviews about products or companies before becoming a customer. Creating a video testimonial can answer many of your potential customers’ questions.

Interview a loyal customer about their experience with your product or service. Ask them about the challenges they faced and how your business helped.

You can get more creative with testimonials. Create a video montage of real customers speaking highly of your business. Or, create a fun animated video with quotes, graphics, and voice.

Live Videos 

Viewers feel special when they get a live, behind-the-scenes look at a business. It’s like letting your audience in on a secret. Live videos draw in higher engagement and longer streams.

You can also live stream interviews, events, presentations, and more! Encourage viewers to leave questions and comments to increase engagement.

Brand Videos 

Brand videos are great for building brand awareness. Use them to showcase your most popular products and services. Showcase your business’s human side by sharing your values and missions.

Most branding videos are usually a part of a larger marketing campaign. The goal of these videos is to share your brand and attract your target audience.

Share Your Story

Every business has an origin story. Most have unique stories where they had to overcome challenging obstacles to come to fruition. Others had a moment of enlightenment leading them to create their amazing business.

Sharing the story about how your business came into existence shows your human side. Potential customers are more likely to feel for your business and will want to learn more about how they can support it.

Where do You Want to Publish the Video? 

You’ll need to pick a platform to publish your video. The type of video you’re making will determine what platform to use. If your video is targeting an older audience, you’ll want to use the platform your audience uses the most.

The platform you choose will determine the length of your video. Instagram profile videos, for example, have a max of 60 seconds per video. If your video is longer, YouTube may be a better option.

The most cost-effective options are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website, Snapchat, and Twitter. Businesses with larger budgets may have the option to publish their videos on streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix. 

Give Video Marketing for Business a Try Today

Video marketing for business is a powerful way to reach and attract your target audience. Today, video is more important and widely used by businesses than ever before.

Don’t get lost in the dust! Let’s get in touch and start planning how video marketing for your business today!

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