The Video & Mobile Marketing Revolution

As the use of mobile devices to access information continues to rise, it is more critical than ever to have a mobile strategy for your video content to ensure that it is consumed and pays dividends for your overall marketing and sales goal. Be prepared for this monumental shift.

Future Consumption of Internet Based Video

According to technology research organization Gartner Group, by 2018, the amount of mobile data used yearly is projected to more than triple to 173 million TB – the majority of data will be consumed by people watching videos. By 2018 60% of all mobile data will be allocated for video.

Additionally, research conducted by CISCO the global leader in networking and telecommunications projects that by 2019, 80% of worldwide Internet consumption will be video content. Clearly, the shift is well underway. And now is the time to act.

Faster Networks, More Bandwidth, and Improved Mobile Device

The growth in mobile video consumption projected by CISCO and Gartner is driven in large part to breakthroughs and innovations. Just a few years ago 4K UHD video was introduced for consumer television sets.

In less time than it took for the DVD player to replace the VHS, mobile phones can now film in 4K. Moreover, thanks to the competition between hardware manufactures those same mobile devices have screens that can playback in 4K too!

Network speed has played an enormous part as well in boosting the consumption of video. Five years ago the vast majority of the US mobile devices could only access 1 or 2G networks. Now large swaths of the US have access to 4G networks.

And as with all technology network speed advances. Today Verizon and AT&T are experimenting with 5G networks. Just how fast can data move on a 5G network? On a 5G network, a mobile device will be able to download a full motion picture in less than 20 seconds. That said, we are still about 3 to 4 years away from 5G being commercially launched in the US. But when it become available it will be as revolutionary.

Why Video Marketing Matters?

Now that we have looked back and also to the near future of the technology that is giving video traction let’s look at the actual reasons video matters.

People enjoy both visual and audio stimulation in tandem. In study after study and real world analytic data, video gets more clicks, views, and sharing than textual or simple graphical content. The more interaction with content, the more likely that it will be shared and it can, if designed correctly, motivate the consumer to act upon it.

Video Strategy for Mobile Devices

As a Houston-based Internet marketing agency, IMPROZ provides a full suite of video and video advertising services to clients. From complex green screen work to creating online advertisements for Google or Facebook, we will share some of our tips and observations. Bellow we provide some tips and issues to consider when doing video so that it can translate well to the small screen.

Video for Mobile Devices

Content, content, and content  – Above all else, content matters. Make it valuable and relevant. When planning video for mobile consumption think about your audience, what they are looking for and how your video will help them in some way. If your video doesn’t have compelling content, it’s just 1s and 0s going over the internet and will have no impact.

If you are planning on running video ads on Facebook, remember that video receives a much higher Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) thank non-video content. This higher CTR will lower the cost per click (CPC) and is more effective.

If you are a local Houston company and focusing your video for local consumption, take advantage of your knowledge of special events, traditions and calendar highlights that you can tie into your video marketing. In 2017, Houston will host the Super Bowl. You can tie your sales and promotions into the Super Bowl. By doing so, will also help move your content ahead of less strategic competitors.

Remember that most searchers will consume your video on a small screen. Providing Houston video marketing services, we always underscore this point to our clients. Your video content will more likely than not be accessed from a small screen – not a 70 inch UHD 4K set. With that in mind, it’s important to consider how much visual information you want to put into the video. Small fine print and aerial shots are usually not the way to go. Think of keeping it personal, like a conversation between you and your visitor and not trying to jam everything and the kitchen sink in visually or in a single shot.

On the technical side, you want to ensure that your video is designed to be able to play on multiple platforms and devices. Moreover, do not forget that speed is crucial. Your video must download very quickly. The time that people are willing to wait for content to download or stream is shrinking to ridiculously short times. Don’t lose their attention and business.

If you have questions about making your video mobile friendly or if you are in need of additional expertise to manage your video marketing plan, we would love to hear from you. As a Houston-based marketing agency specializing in Internet and digital marketing, we are Houston proud and love working with local business to help them grow. Join the conversation on our blog.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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