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If a picture is a worth a thousand words, then a video is worth hundreds of thousands of word. IMPROZ is a Houston video production company that delivers outstanding results.

From researching, creating, storyboarding, scripting, green screen, post production, and positioning, contact us and learn how video marketing can help your company achieve its goals.

Time, Technology, Benefits, and Costs Now Make Video Marketing A Must

The convergence of more powerful devices, larger and faster data pipelines (high-speed internet) and increased access points makes video marketing something that every website should take advantage of.

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Advantages of Video Marketing:

Collect Valuable and Actionable Metrics

Like nearly everything digital, data can be captured, accumulated and analyzed. Video production is no different. It can be designed to capture relevant metrics so that a campaign or a single video can be analyzed for its effectiveness and intended mission.

Viral Replication

Videos can carry your message, products, and services to those that haven’t visited your Internet assets through the viral effect of social marketing. Virtual word-of-mouth’s impact is exponential.

Video Is Going To Become a Bigger Part of The Future

Cisco Systems forecasts that based on current trends by 2020 Internet video will account for nearly 80% of global Internet traffic.

Video Marketing Helps Your Site’s Search Rankings

Having video content on your digital assets – website, microsites, Facebook, YouTube, etc., will boost search rankings.

Last But Not Least, Video Marketing Can Increase Your Bottom Line

40% of consumers say that video increases the chance that they will purchase a product on their mobile device – Adobe. Video marketing when planned and executed properly increases lead generation and sales.

Seeing Is Believing

Simply put, video (motion and sound) can more effectively demonstrate, inform or teach a customer about a product or service than the most concisely written copy. Video has the power to convey information faster and more efficiently than just text.

Houston Video Production

Are you looking for a Houston video production company that you can depend on? We will not only meet your deadlines, furthermore deliver a video for you that makes you proud. Contact us today for an appointment so we can start planning your next video.

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