Web Application Vs Website-What’s The Difference?

Web Application Vs Website-copyWeb This, iThat, What’s The difference? OK, so there really isn’t a “Web This” or an “iThat”, but we’ll try to clear the confusion, misunderstandings and general misinformation about what the key differences are between a “web application vs website”.

So what is a “Website”?

Let’s start with some real-world examples that most people have some level of familiarity with.

  • CNN
  • ABCNews
  • Wikipedia

The above three sites are plain old vanilla websites. In general, websites deliver little interactivity or sharing of information. Websites act more as a digital billboard or content delivery mechanism and do not provide customized content to visitors or users.

So…What is  web application vs website”?

A web application is a website BUT it actually DOES something more than just displaying content (text, video, images or graphics) to the world. A web application is meant for real user interactions and transactions with its users. In short, a web application is meant to allow a visitor/user to perform actual business or communication functions on it. The differences between a web application vs website can be challenging so if you’re still not sure? The following sites are web applications:

  • Evernote
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • GMail
  • Google Docs
  • Twitter

These web applications allow users to share, communicate, download/upload, create data and customize their experience on the site. So you can call them web applications. Web applications process and manage user data and can customize the experience based on the user.

So in closing, think of a “website” as the most basic presence on the Internet. A virtual billboard or sign telling visitors what you do, who you are, where you are located and how to contact you.

And a web application takes the “website” a step further by adding capabilities and more functionality and utility to a “website”. The web application allows for sharing or exchanging of data – albeit an image, file, email, calendar or communication and it can will give a visitor/user a customized experience.

So now you know the difference of a web application vs website, but so what?

The importance in understanding the difference of websites vs web application is that if you are launching a presence on the web, you need to consider if you only want a “digital billboard” or “virtual storefront” or if you want to have the ability to have two way communications, share data with your customers or create a forum or community for them. In the later case, you will want the site designed to have the capability of running web applications or the capability to expand.

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