What Is Responsive Website Design?

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What is responsive website design? The web designer community was determined to discover a solution for mobile a few years back. The best of the best was searching and searching for an answer. The reason was because the number of mobile users were growing. What they found impacted businesses around the world because it became a great solution; the discovery was responsive web design.




These days all businesses need a mobile version of their website. It makes sense after all; studies show the average person looks at their smartphone over 150 times a day! They do this while waiting in line at the coffee shop, stuck in traffic, picking up a lunch order – all are significant opportunities for a site to get viewed and for sales to happen. That’s why:



• Having a mobile friendly design is critical for businesses.



The Origin Of Responsive Website Design


We have arrived at a new era when web designers and developers are endlessly being challenged to create sites that work on new resolutions for devices. For some websites it can seem almost impossible to create a new website version for each device that has a different resolution.


It can be impractical to do this this because it costs too much for that many web designs, on the other hand, website owners will lose so many opportunities if their site doesn’t fit all devices. So what’s the solution to this problem??? You know what I’m about to say…that this answers the question: what is responsive website design! The reason is because your company can accomplish this at a fraction of the cost it would take to build multiple designs.



What is Responsive Website Design and How It Works?


The approach behind responsive web design is based on the idea that both design and development should respond to a user’s behavior and environment based on orientation, screen size and platform. This concept is done through a mix of flexible grids, images and layouts as well as a solid knowledge of CSS media queries. As the user goes from notebook to their iPhone or other handheld device, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for scripting abilities, resolution and image size. Therefore, with Responsive Web Design, the website is just that – responsive. It has the “knowledge” to automatically respond to the user’s preferences.


There is so much more than simply adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images. Understanding responsive web design requires abstract thought. Currently, some of these innovative ideas are already being practiced. Fluid layouts, scripts that can reformat web pages and mark-up effortlessly are just a few. Over all, by eliminating the need for different designs and developments for every new available device on the market, the client and graphic designers can share in a more efficient and economical design. Surely creating a positive response among everyone. Hopefully, this answers the question to: what is responsive website design?


Is your company interested in responsive web design? Is the question: what is responsive website design still there and you want to know more about it? We encourage you to fill out the form over to the right of this page or call us at: 832-209-2211 Otherwise, post a comment below and let us know your thoughts.



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