Creative Graphic Designs, Powerful Brand Strategy

At IMPROZ, we work directly with you to create a graphical masterpiece. Our expert team of graphic designers work right by your side – making sure your brand and brand story are shown through all forms of communication; i.e, images, graphics, and words.

You have the story, We have the design skills to tell it!

Our Graphic Design Philosophy

Our number one goal: create stunning visuals that blend and support your company’s branding. From beautiful brochures to attractive email templates, we consistently aim to provide you with graphics that are both aesthetically pleasing AND goal-oriented.

Here at IMPROZ, we pride ourselves on creating custom graphic designs. We don’t use a cookie-cutter production-line approach. We work intimately with you to create the perfect graphic. At the end of our process, we should have you saying; “That’s EXACTLY what I had envisioned!”
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Graphic Design Materials

Virtual or print, we have the designs to elevate your business.

Graphic design, from a marketing perspective, includes anything affiliated with your personal brand. It keeps your brand identity coherent and consistent through all three categories of graphics.

Marketing Collateral

Newsletters Email Templates

Visual Identity

Business Cards
Website Graphics

Product Packaging

Vehicle wraps
Clothing designs
Package designs

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Internet Marketing Services

Discover how else we could help your business.

Our marketing services include Photography, PPC, Branding, Video Production, SMM, Graphic and Logo Design, Web Apps, Email Marketing, and SEO.


We have two locations where we can meet you to discuss your marketing needs! Stander & Company acquired IMPROZ so that we can be a complete agency providing a wide arrange of business services.