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IMPROZ is an Internet Marketing company located in the Houston Texas area that can help companies develop a lasting brand. One of the ways we do this is by using social media marketing.

The web is becoming innately social every single day, therefore we work with our clients to develop a strong social media marketing plan. The goal is to create brand awareness and attract new audiences that you can interact with.

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Attention. Attention. Attention.

Look around and observe. What is consuming our lives? Phones. People are spending many hours a day on these devices. Much of that time they devote to social media.

As a business owner, no matter what your service or product is, your number one job is to tell your story. If you want your story heard by the consumer, you will need to tell it where their attention is.

It is a proven fact our attention has seen a shifted in the last ten years. TV, Radio, Print & Email has declined significantly and continued to do so year after year.

Other than sports, the majority of television is not watched live anymore. It is watched on YOUR time. Commercials are being fast forwarded through. Moreover, if not, then it is the 2-minute window you use to pick up your phone and check your Facebook Status.

Engaging your Audience With Social Media Marketing

Too many people get hung up on the numbers. How many followers and connections they have. Although that can be an indicator of a job well done, that is not the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing. You should focus on making real connections. Your goal should be about engaging, not SHOUTING your product or service.

A successful social media campaign is to use social channels accurately to communicate and develop authentic relationships is the goal. This is your opportunity to listen to the consumers and provide them with valuable information. Social media marketing presents an opportunity to interact with your community, humanize your brand, and spark curiosity.


Understanding the Platforms


Often referred to as the love child of Twitter and Facebook. The masses here appreciate real photos, and if you can add an artistic touch to it, that is even better. As with Twitter, the hashtag is vital and can get your post discovered by anyone in the world. Also, feel free to browse users talking about “the thing” you are an expert in, and join in on their conversations, like their images, and so forth.

Recently, Instagram launched it is “Stories” feature to compete with Snapchat. Now you can creatively reach your audience with short video and images to show off your brand.



This is where people go and dream and shop. Now, they may not necessarily know they are buying at the moment. However, they know what they are looking for and saving it for when they do decide to buy. Make your post here with great images with informative info.

Infographics can work well, as well as a list. For example “The five best gifts ideas for your man this Christmas.”


As a business using, Facebook the organic reach with Facebook has nearly diminished. Less than 5% of your fans will probably see any given post. Facebook for business has shifted to the “Pay to Play” realm. However, Facebook is considered the best-paid ad platform on the market right now, and you do not have to spend a fortune. It has targeting features that are unbelievably awesome.

You can drill down to people that are fans of other pages. Think about that for a minute. If your company sells hunting gear, you can run ads to men who are fans of the Facebook page called “deer hunting” which has 500K followers. You can target income levels, gender, age, education, location, where they went to school, and so much more.



Our attention craves video. Even looking at the other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it is proven that video content over-indexes and outperform every other form of a post (text/image). Youtube, owned by Google, is the second largest search engine.

You can creatively use YouTube educate customer of your service, showcase your product or by providing value on a subject. For example when you search “How to paint a chevron pattern on a wall”, Home Depot offers a step by step instructional video. This video enhances their brand by providing value, not to mention it conveniently showcase a few of their products.


This is the tool to listen on. I Search for folks talking about your “subject” (product, service, and so forth) and try and add valuable content to their conversation. It isn’t considered rude to start a conversation without knowing someone.


ROI of Social Media Marketing

As with any investment (Stocks, Real Estate, Business, and so forth), the return takes times. You may not be able to see immediate results coming from your social media channels. You have to remember; it is an investment. It is critical to the future of every business. Social media is where the consumer is, and not where you wish they would stay. Invest into your business, and do not get left behind.

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