Pay Per Click Gets Website Visitors Fast

Pay Per Click Marketing is a strong option to get targeted & fast results to a landing page quickly. These results can be immediate, but there is a right and wrong way to execute a campaign.


IMPROZ is an Internet Marketing company in Houston Texas that can deliver. We will approach your Pay Per Click Marketing campaign laser-focused on the web user that is searching for your product or service. To do this, we will need to design and develop landing pages that are highly relevant and that will give your audience a great experience. This will ensure a more significant return on investment throughout the longevity of the campaign. These are the action steps we will be taking:

  • Design Relevant & Engaging Landing Pages
  • Set Up PPC Account Accurately
  • Discovery keywords and Group Them
  • Create Compelling Ads
  • Drive New Visitors To Sites For Conversion

Google ranks Pay Per Click campaigns based off three main factors:

  • Keyword Selected
  • The Relevance and Quality of Your Content
  • How Well You Bid For the Targeted Keywords

Quality Content is Key

Your Pay Per Click Marketing campaign landing page content needs to be relevant to the searchers query. This should be at the core of the campaign. Google gives a ‘quality score’ for this. If you have ever been to an auction, then you would know that the winner goes to the highest bidder. This is true for your pay per click ads too.


Using the auction analogy you should also know that if there aren’t that many folks bidding on an item someone can walk away with a treasure that they didn’t spend that much money for. This too is similar to your pay per click campaign. Some very valuable keywords sometimes have no other companies bidding on them, so you could get a high return on your small investment.


IMPROZ will go through a keyword discovery looking for the right key words that are relevant to your business. We will set up your account properly, because this is important-and then create relevant content targeting your audience.


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