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Smart Marketing = Quick Results

Pay per click marketing (if done correctly) is a strong option for getting fast results and attracting the right people to your landing page. IMPROZ Marketing specializes in executing effective marketing campaign – making sure all of your goals are exceeded.

Behind Every Result Is a Solid PPC Strategy

To achieve stellar results, you’re going to need a stellar strategy! Here at IMPROZ, we begin our process by laser-focusing your target audience – aligning your prospective clients with your service/product. To ensure a significant ROI throughout the campaign, we begin by fleshing out your landing page. It’s the starting point to give your audience a great user experience!

Our PPC campaign strategy also includes:

  • Designing relevant & engaging landing Pages
  • Accurately setting up your PPC account
  • Performing keyword research and grouping them
  • Creating compelling ads
  • Driving new visitors to your site (Increased conversions)

Keyword Prowess

Priority one: your landing page content MUST be relevant to the searcher’s query. There is no way around it. Google gives a ‘quality score’ for this. If you have ever been to an auction, then you would know that the winner goes to the highest bidder. This is also true for your pay per click ads.

Google ranks Pay Per Click campaigns based on three main factors:

  • Keyword Selected
  • The Relevance and Quality of Your Content
  • How Well You Bid For the Targeted Keywords

Additionally (just like in an auction), if there aren’t many folks bidding on an item, someone can walk away with a treasure for little to no money. This too is similar to your pay per click campaign. Some very valuable keywords sometimes have no other companies bidding on them, so you could get a huge return on your minimum investment. This is where IMPROZ thrives!

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