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How to Advertise on TikTok and Grow Your Brand Engagement

TikTok has reached a milestone of 1 billion active global users. With those numbers, there’s no question that the “youngest sibling” social media platform is a force to be reckoned with. Ask any millennial what platform they prefer and they’ll reply back with TikTok.

With so many young viewers and influencers, advertisers are taking advantage. While you can do similar things on other platforms such as YouTube, TikTok is its own thing with short-form content.

If you’re wondering how to advertise on TikTok, then this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn how to make your ads stick out for the TikTok audience.

How to Advertise on TikTok

Why would you want to advertise on TikTok in the first place? TikTok began as a music platform ( where users would create 15-second lip-synced videos.

Fast forward to today and TikTok’s musical roots remain. Artists and brands can create viral videos surrounding a song.

Influencers are attracted to it because of its reach. Young people are hooked to the platform and that’s not going away any time soon.

Learning how to advertise on TikTok takes time. However, there are a few things below to help you started.

Create Content

Like any social media platform, content is king. People want to see something fresh, new, and interesting. While there is no magical formula for creating a viral video, originality is sure in the mix.

We advise you to pay attention to marketing trends.

Think about what’s already on TikTok—more importantly how it gets there. All content you see on TikTok is via other users. So when you want to advertise on TikTok, start with content that already feels like it belongs.

People are creating content on their smartphones. Don’t feel like you have to buy expensive video equipment to make quality content. Most of the time, less is more so always stick to your ad budget.

One big thing to keep in mind is transparency. People want to engage with others who are authentic and real. The more you can be yourself, the better.

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera or would rather hire talent to do so, you’re more than welcome to. We recommend going the influencer route. Is there someone who would fit to be the face of the franchise?

Effects and Music

Be sure to add music when you advertise on TikTok. Browse through a plethora of styles, genres, and artists in “Sounds”.

Once you have chosen a song and it’s loaded, you can now add effects to the fold. Effects allow you to change things like filters, frame speed, and camera (selfie mode or targeted).

How can you make your content pop? Do your best to create something truly unique for your viewers.


You want your brand visibility to be at its peak at all times. To do this, your brand needs a “social footprint”. It needs an identity online across multiple platforms.

With TikTok, it’s easy to share your content across these different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). This will give you a feel of how different audiences are interacting with your ad too.


Learning how to advertise on TikTok takes time and learning the ropes. You might not be aware, but you don’t have to create original content to advertise on TikTok.

You could curate others’ original content instead.

This means that when you wish to share something from your feed, you could add something relating to your brand. For example, you could share something with a #hashtag.

Brand Takeovers

Your brand could take over TikTok. The way it works is your video content would appear before they can view other content.

It works because you can break down your videos into different categories on the platform. You can only use one category per day but it is an effective strategy to cater to your TikTok audience.

Brand Lenses

When learning how to advertise on TikTok, it may take you a minute to get comfortable with the platform. One unique way to get your name out there is via Brand Lenses.

A Brand Lense is a filter about your brand. A user can choose a filter and it’ll remain live for 10 days. Give your brand a boost with Brand Lenses!

Hashtag Challenges

A hashtag is a way to build buzz around a certain phrase. This could be your brand name itself, something your company stands for, or anything in between.

Hashtag Challenges get the users excited and are taken very seriously. Users can choose to be a part of Hashtag Challenges from their Discover page.

This is a way to get some hype around your brand. Let the fun begin!

TikTok Audience

It makes sense to cater to your TikTok audience. Do you know what that looks like? How would you describe it in a sentence?

The more you know your audience, the better your band visibility and engagement rise.

For example, if you have a family-oriented TikTok audience, you could have videos with pets and kids to make it easier for people to relate.

The TikTok Clock Is Ticking

With such a loyal user base and tons of engagement, there’s no better time to get into the TikTok game. Once you learn how to advertise on TikTok, get ready for your brand to take off. Take the time necessary to get comfortable with the platform.

The good news is that Improz is here to help. Use our marketing to elevate your business. Contact us right away to get started on your TikTok journey!

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