Mobile Internet Marketing The Global Phenomenon

Mobile Marketing RevolutionWe are living in a truly mobile era. Every day, millions of Internet searches are conducted on smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. For this reason, mobile marketing should be an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Walk around any major city and you are sure to see plenty of people glued to their screens. Latest estimates are that approximately 40% of all website browsing is done via a mobile device, and this is only trending in one direction. In addition, 60% of all searches executed on a mobile device have a location-specific term in them. It’s clear that mobile internet marketing offers a huge opportunity for local businesses. Here are some areas to get covered and ensure you kick things off on the right foot.

Create Online Consistency

Any successful mobile internet marketing strategy begins by ensuring that you present strong branding online and that this is consistent across all platforms. You should make sure that your listings on platforms such as Google are accurate and up to date. Also, using a local phone number rather than a non-geographical number can help to build trust and credibility in users searching for local businesses.

Get Social

When we talk about online platforms, clearly social media is a huge part of this piece of work. Social media has been hand-in-hand with mobile devices in ushering in the digital era. 30% of social media users access those networks from mobile devices only. This huge audience will be looking to engage with your business through these platforms. Social media offers a type of mobile internet marketing which can gather pace at a phenomenal rate. You can no doubt think of examples where a company’s brand has increased in profile – either positively or negatively – after something has ‘gone viral.’ Social media aggregation apps can make it easier for companies to manage multiple social media accounts and platforms.

Remarketing Through Apps

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days. Most of us have lots of apps on our cell phones. 80% of all the time spent on mobile devices by people in the world are using apps. It makes sense that your marketing strategy ought to explore this strategy. There is a range of in-app advertising options, which allow your adverts to appear within third-party apps. The modern buying process may involve several touches, and you should utilize Remarketing techniques to follow up visitors who don’t engage initially with targeted, specific ads. You may need to put your brand in front of the potential customer several times before further commitment comes.

As with all forms of marketing, mobile internet marketing involves some complexity to it that you need to get right. The sky’s the limit with how far your creativity and imagination can get you. It’s our mission at IMPROZ to be your mobile internet marketing superheroes and guide you to great results, fast. We invite you to contact us today so we can discuss your business.

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