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Mobile Marketing Generation-MobileResponsive Web Design, SEO, and leveraging technology for marketing can Help With Today’s On-The-Go Internet Users. When it comes to Internet marketing, understanding the audience is important – particularly for today’s Internet users described as Generation Mobile.

Website owners must consider mobile users or risk losing lots of opportunities. It is necessary to ensure that your mobile website design is working in your favor and not driving business away. According to data site Statista, by 2017 more than 63% of mobile phone users will access online content through their devices. Those stats tell us that it is likely your mobile website will be the first touchpoint of your business. This first impression is crucial! Let us share with you some thoughts to consider the ‘Generation Mobile’ audience.

Are you looking to hire some professionals to help you? We are a Houston marketing firm – that delivers exceptional results. If you want some ideas, however, so you can do the “work” yourself, keep the following tips in mind when maximizing your website for the mobile crowd.

Mobile Marketing & The Company Website

Your company’s mobile marketing plan is going to depend greatly on the mobile website design it has. The best path is to have a responsive web design. This technology allows you to keep the same brand consistency of your existing website – and then customize it for mobile. The intelligent software detects the device that is accessing it and adjusts itself to those dimensions. That way the design knows which layout to render appropriately for the apparatus. Furthermore, you can maintain the SEO work done on the site. Therefore, you can drive new customers to your site maximizing your efforts.

Communications & Marketing

Having the technology to communicate to your existing clients and or target specific ones can give you a competitive advantage. The Mobile Messaging and Marketing Automation software will allow you to do just that. Imagine being able to mass message via text, mobile app, Facebook or Twitter some important news in your organization. Also, what if you could target a specific audience in your email list that would be interested in a particular campaign. That would generate a much higher conversion rate.

Mobile Internet use continues to rise, yet companies still face hurdles in developing and designing mobile websites that will entice and retain the fickle Generation Mobile. We have shared techniques you can take to maximize your company’s opportunities – responsive web design, SEO, and thoughts on leveraging technology for your communications and marketing. We are open to your comments.

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