Avoid Costly Pay Per Click Mistakes

Pay Per Click AdvertisingGoogle AdWords – some know it as pay per click advertising – is a great path to take for marketing and is an excellent tool that you can use to reach your audience directly and effectively while they are searching for your products or services.

However, it can also be a source of pain for your business if this complex system hasn’t been set up and managed properly. Paid traffic can help you grow, but that only happens if you avoid mistakes that could cause you to lose money. We’re going to share with you 7 of the most common ones. Too many businesses, with the best intentions, invest money incorrectly in pay per click advertising. Don’t become another statistic, follow our tips and if you need further assistance, consult an experienced Houston internet marketing agency to get your strategy on the right track.

Improper Grouping of Keywords

You can implement pay per click advertising for different campaigns, and the best way to get the most out of the campaigns is by coming up with the right keyword groups. Since you are running multiple campaigns, it is only prudent that you split your keywords and ads into groups so that users can easily match their search phrases with your ads. Failure to implement the right keyword groups means that the users will see the same ads even if they are looking for something totally different which in turn denies you visibility.

Omitting Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are important for your pay per click advertising campaign to be successful. When implemented properly by an experienced Houston Internet marketing agency, they can help you filter irrelevant traffic from your site and leave you with only the right clicks. For example, if you sell designer office shoes for men, you would not want someone looking for men’s running shoes coming to your website. However, you want someone looking for men’s shoes to see your ad, and thus you can use running as a negative keyword to filter traffic.

Not Knowing Your Customers’ Lifetime Value

Lifetime value refers to the amount of business you can get from a client. By knowing the average income of each customer, you can easily tell if you are spending too much while getting too little. Ideally, the cost of acquiring a customer through Google AdWords should always be less than the lifetime value.

Failing to Establish Optimal Ad Position

Do you know that the position of your ad on the computer screen plays a key role when it comes to visibility? When you talk to a Houston marketing agency about the position, you will understand that ads meant for branding work well in position 3-5. This is because people always click happy with the first two ads and these clicks could also be accidental. With your ad sitting on the sidebar, you are likely to get more relevant clicks.

Not Knowing Your Competition

If you need your Google AdWords campaign to be successful, then you have to know whom you are competing against. It’s not just knowing who they are, but the keywords they are using and the design or layout of their landing page. After you have identified the competition that you can then come up with an ad and landing page that will help you get better conversion rates.

Setting Expectations too High

When you are trying to attract customers and push your brand, you have to be patient regardless of the marketing option that you choose. If you have a Houston marketing agency helping you with Google AdWords, do not expect too much too soon. Furthermore, your small budget cannot get you a very large audience immediately, but consistency will get you to the top.

Using the Same Landing Page for All Ads

When you are running multiple Google AdWords campaigns, you need to be able to direct users to the right page where the products they’re looking for can be found. Unfortunately, many people direct all this traffic to their homepage. Remember, when someone clicks on the ad, there is something that caught his or her attention, and hence you need to lead him or her there. An experienced Houston Internet marketing agency will always advise you to differentiate between your homepage and landing page for your ads.

These are just a few of the Google AdWords mistakes that can get you in trouble and even prevent you from meeting your marketing goals. However, you can avoid these mistakes by obtaining the expertise of a professional Houston marketing agency to help you with your marketing needs and get your Google Adwords strategy to where it needs to be.