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IMPROZ is a SEO Company in Houston, Texas that’s skilled in the art and science of improving website positions for companies using search engine optimization. The Internet has evolved, therefore the skills it takes to excel at SEO has changed significantly.

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The Science of  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The major search engines are Google, Youtube, and Bing. These search engines are responsible for putting the rules in place that determine which websites get the better positions. They use complex algorithms to determine these results. A professional SEO company in Houston will understand these algorithms without trying to manipulate them and apply them to a company’s website appropriately. These components are the mechanical elements that we are constantly measuring, testing and changing:

  • Optimizing The words on site
  • Optimizing The Meta Titles & Description
  • The Inbound and Outbound Links
  • Optimizing The Content of the Links
  • The Domain Authority and Page Rank of each Page

We use sophisticated SEO tools that help us measure for results once these elements are implemented, so we can understand what specific changes need to be addressed.

There are so many factors we look at but here are a couple of them:

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Bounce Rate
New Visitors
Returning Visitors

SEO is evolving, therefore the search engines are always changing their algorithms. This is the biggest challenge for an Houston SEO company, because it takes constant up-to-date knowledge of these changes to be great.  IMPROZ Internet Marketing can help your website get great results fast. You’re welcome to contact us by filling out the form, then someone will be in touch with you.


The Art of SEO


Previously,  we explained the science of SEO, because the right combination of getting these things done can better your website’s position. However, there’s more to SEO than the science of it, because it also requires design skills. That’s why it matters which SEO company you hire. They must have a combination of both skills to help you achieve your goals. This combination is rare because  most SEO companies are going to be techies and most web designers are artsy. You need an SEO company that has both tech and creativity skills if you’re going to be successful online. Let the graph make our point for us:


SEO Results For Websites


  • Tech/Creative

  • Tech Only


IMPROZ can help your company’s SEO rankings, because we understand the art and science of it. This SEO company will target your brands desired audience, learn the words they’re searching for, and then make sure your website is ranking for those key words or key word phrases using our unique SEO tech skills. In addition, we will add creative elements that are compelling and that will keep your visitors engage with your company’s website. This will ultimately lead to conversions.

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