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IMPROZ is a Houston internet marketing agency that provides SEO web hosting because the server your website hosts on is essential to its success and can perform poorly when this isn’t considered.  Furthermore, because of this phenomenon we are determined to create the absolute best environment for our client’s websites to thrive in.

We have a different approach to SEO web hosting because we are an Internet marketing agency that understands what you are in search for – that’s more than a server your website can be placed because that may not get you better results – that’s to have your website perform optimally for search engines. When it comes to SEO web hosting, these are the three elements that are included in our service.

  • How fast each of your pages opens up. Because this has become an important ranking factor for SEO; this is called page speed.
  • Moreover, an environment that is conducive to your website health.
  • Lastly, frequent software and or content updates.

Let us expound on these points further, starting with page speed. There are many factors concerning SEO web hosting and particularly page speed. Let us share these rules:

  • No render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • No Landing Page Redirects
  • Enable Compression
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML
  • Optimize Images
  • Prioritize Visible Content
  • Reduce Server Time Response

There is lots of technical information to learn about each of these and how they affect your page speed. You can learn more about them by visiting Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Though only a few of these factors are a direct result of the server your website is on; IMPROZ is a Houston Internet marketing agency that does things differently. We include page speed optimization is our SEO web hosting packages.


VIP Only SEO Web Hosting

Many hosts have thousands of sites on each server, and there is no particular grouping. Therefore, your website is too often accompanied by some spammy sites. They do this without any option to you. You are not able to choose which server you would prefer.

In their defense, they do however monitor and deal with threats on the server, but this does not escape the fact that those spammy websites are there causing problems for all other sites around them. Because you are a professional business that depends on its website, this is not good news. This leads to vulnerabilities and poor performances.

What does this Houston Internet marketing agency do differently? Our SEO web hosting package will provide three things.

  • Dedicated Server
  • Page Speed (your scores will be above 85)
  • And, we will maintain your site by keeping any software up-to-date.

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