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As “cliche” as it may sound, your website hosting service IS the foundation of its success. Therefore, it’s imperative to find yourself a reliable and SEO-friendly web hosting service.

At IMPROZ, we understand that search engine optimization involves creating an online marketing campaign that stretches across multiple websites, IPs, domain names, and Class Cs. Therefore, we only provide you with the safest environment – conducive to your website’s health

Our SEO-First Approach

As an expert in SEO, we take SEO web hosting very seriously. We understand the importance of using dedicated servers for optimal website performance. It’s an essential part of an SEO strategy, and it can be the cause of your website’s downfall if not done correctly.

We have a different approach to SEO web hosting here at IMPROZ. It’s more than just providing a server for your website to live. When it comes to web hosting, these are the elements that are included in our service:

  • Lightning page speed (crucial ranking factor for SEO)
  • A safe environment that is conducive to your website’s health
  • Frequent software and/or content updates.

Faster Page Speed = Smoother Page Reads

Nothing scares away a curious website visitor faster than slow page speed. Therefore, at IMPROZ, we focus our energy on creating a fast, efficient server for your site.

Here are just a few points that affect your site’s speed and overall performance:

  • No render-blocking Javascript and CSS
  • Leverage browser caching
  • No landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • Reduce server time response

There’s plenty of technical information up there. However, if you’d like to learn more about page speed and performance, test your site’s performance at Google’s Page Speed Insights. (84 or above is optimal performance.)

Though only a few of these factors are a direct result of the server your website is on; IMPROZ is a Houston Internet marketing agency that does things differently. We include page speed optimization is our SEO web hosting packages.

VIP SEO Web Hosting

Many hosts have thousands of sites on each server. They place your website in a bin full of other sites and pay it no mind.  Therefore, it’s not uncommon for your site to be accompanied by some spammy sites. You are not able to choose which server you would prefer.

With IMPROZ, we provide you with VIP treatment – allowing you to be placed in your very own dedicated server. Only the best for YOU!

Faster. Dedicated. Secure.

What does IMPROZ do differently? We’re glad you asked! Our SEO web hosting package includes three main deliverables:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Page Speed (your scores will be above 85)
  • And, we will maintain your site by keeping any software up-to-date.

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