Web Design Company Explains: WordPress, its Evolved!

WordPress provided an excellent alternative for bloggers over Blogger.com in its early days. The perception still exists that WordPress can handle only blogs or simple web design projects.

However, WordPress has evolved into an exceptional content management system (CMS) that trounces systems including Drupal, Joomla, and Magento in essential areas such as: client and SEO friendliness, plugins, themes, and support and this is the platform our web design company uses.


The rationale behind a CMS lies in its capacity to manage content quickly and easily without having a degree in computer science. While some web design professionals relish the additional fees from creating content or making minor changes for their clients, IMPROZ Web Design company empowers you to minimize expenses while maximizing the impact of your website by utilizing the WordPress platform. The dashboard has a well designed and easy to understand format that facilitates quick uploading and editing.


Web Design Company Explains That WordPress &  SEO Harmonize

WordPress works extremely well with Google, and the design of the permalinks produces keyword friendly URLs. In addition, a wide variety of SEO plugins adds to the functionality of the platform. This makes on-page SEO much easier for professionals to get websites ranking high in the search engines more quickly.

Previously we mentioned that WordPress was originally built for blogging. Configuring this feature to your web design and publishing content in it will give your website huge SEO opportunities.

Currently, WordPress offers more than 24,000 plugins. This amounts to more high-quality choices than all of the other CMS platforms combined. IMPROZ-Web Design Company will advise you on choosing the correct plugins for your individual business needs and then install them for you. This allows you to expand your site beyond the basic “about us” and “contact pages” into a dynamic site that drives customers to you.

Lastly, the support available for WordPress sites far exceeds that for competitors in quantity, quality, and cost of the professionals. On the rare occasion that Houston Web Design Company seeks outside support, that availability of expertise ensures a quick and cost-effective resolution that serves your business needs and enhances the customers’ online experience with your business.


We welcome you to learn more about WordPress and its features. Are you interested in having your website built in WordPress? Let’s discuss your goals. Contact us by filling out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch with you soon.



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