What Is Website Conversion Optimization?

Website ConversionWe are often contacted by companies that already have a website, but it’s not bringing any real value or doing what they had hoped for. There are many reasons for this, but more often than not it is because there were no benchmarks or conversion goals established when strategizing and planning for the site.

When we meet prospective clients that have these issues, we ask them why do they have a site – what had they envisioned or hoped. That may sound funny, but many times the response is that their competitors have sites or that they were under the impression that just having a site would bring in business. First, never just follow the heard and second, having a website without analytics and conversion goals usually insures its failure. No matter how beautiful a website may be, if it is not designed to with conversions, it is nothing more than a digital billboard in the online world – a world with more than a billion website. http://www.internetlivestats.com/total-number-of-websites/

What Is Web Conversion?

Web conversion is simply the action of converting a website visitor into a paying customer. It is an important indicator of a company’s online success. But there are more conversions than just getting a sale. Depending on your business, industry, products or services the sales life cycle can be much longer. Nevertheless, there are conversion strategies and goals that will help move the visitor to a prospective buyer.

How To Boost Web Conversion

Below are some techniques to improve your conversion rate.

Improve Web Conversion On Landing Pages

  1. Be Focused
    To improve your web conversion ratio on a page, focus on one product or service at a time. Don’t attempt to sell all your offerings through one landing page, it’s confusing to visitors, and it also hurt the page’s ranking by search engines. By focusing on one product per page, you can market and promote the product more effectively.
  2. Always Use a Powerful and a Descriptive Headline
    Did you know 2 out of 10 people continue to read what’s after the headline on the landing page? That is how short peoples’ attention spans have become. And this is precisely why you must have a motivating, sellable or catchy headline to get the readers wanting to read more. Some tips to create a powerful headline are:

    • Highlight the value proposition of the product or service
    • What unique problem does the product or services solve
    • Use words cleverly to generate curiosity
  3. Highlight Product/Service Features and Benefits
    Remember landing page needs to be sellable. And to make it sell, you need to provide quality and value-adding information for your audience. Why should they choose your product/service? For this, you need to highlight your product/service features and how consumers can benefit from it.
  4. Add Testimonials and Reviews
    Positive endorsements give your landing page visitors additional information from customers that have purchased your services or products. Testimonials describing how customers have benefited from the product/service you are offering, carry a lot of weight.
  5. Give a Strong Call-To-Action (CTA)
    Make sure a landing page has a strong CTA, so prospects know exactly what to do after reading the content.

Inserting a CTA prompts the reader to take action and this is what your online business success is dependent on. CTAs must stand out and not blend in with all the content on the landing page. Successful CTAs often use different color contrasts, fonts, images for the CTA placement or utilize directional cues to point to the CTA.

Use these tips to design and create a winning landing page and see the difference in your web conversion rate. If you need any assistance with improving your landing page conversions and CTAs, call us at 713-840-6070.

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