The Website Design Elements

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Website Design ElementsHave you ever wondered why some websites perform so much better than others? That’s because there are some important elements that need to exist within the website design that can make it much more effective.


Let The Website Design Represent

Your home page is the welcome mat for your business. But in order to be a good host, you must have a website design that makes your customers feel at home.


Customers who feel comfortable on your site are more likely to stick around. And those who stick around are more likely to do business with you. A good website design doesn’t only enhance your online presence. It also helps to boost your sales.


IMPROZ have uncovered a number of elements that should be included on every home page to do just that. Look at your website and answer the following 6 questions. Better yet, ask a few people who have never before seen your site. You might be surprised which elements are missing, and you’d be surprised how a new website design could improve your leads and sales.


1. Can customers contact you?


Your contact information (including your phone number, email address, storefront address and hours) should be easy to find on your home page. No need to make potential buyers visit another page if they want to order something right this instant!


2. What do you see “above the fold”?


Look at your home page without scrolling down. Your web design should include a primary call-to-action – perhaps a “buy” button or a form to complete – for visitors who know exactly what they want. In addition, a large, bold headline can be an effective way to quickly draw in visitors and let them know immediately what you offer.


3. Are the text and images on your home page engaging?


Some visitors will need more convincing! Make sure your entire home page features compelling sales copy free of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as effective supporting images and video.


4. What are the benefits of your products or services Listed?


Many businesses make the mistake of featuring only the products or services they sell. This is important, but it is just as crucial to include their benefits to your customers. What problems do your products solve? How do your services make life simpler? Highlight these benefits in your web design.

5. Is it easy to navigate your site?


A good web design will make it nearly intuitive for visitors to find what they are looking for. Maybe they want more information about your company, or perhaps specifics about the products you offer. These pages should be easy to find from your home page without overpowering your call-to-action.


6. Who endorses your product?


Featuring several strong testimonials from happy customers can give potential buyers the nudge they need for you to land the sale.



Unsure if your home page includes these must-have web design elements? Give us a call at 832-209-2211 or fill out the form on this page and let us take a look! You’re also welcome to visit our web design page to learn more.



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