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Start increasing your marketing ROI today with a new website design! Contact us and learn how partnering with IMPROZ, your Houston web design company, can give you the results you’re looking for!

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The IMPROZ Personal Touch

The days of cookie-cutter website designs are over! At IMPROZ, we understand that no two websites should be alike. Therefore, we take a custom approach to building your site – making sure you are there every step of the way.

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Website Design Portfolio in Houston - IMPROZ MARKETING
Website Design Portfolio in Houston - IMPROZ MARKETING
Website Design Houston - Web Design Houston - IMPROZ

Custom Web Design experience

Unlike most Houston web design companies, we don’t merely toss your business into a generic template and hope it performs. Instead, we intimately grasp your business (and its audience) and design your website based around that. This custom web design process makes for a stronger site and ultimately – BETTER RESULTS!

Let’s Talk Web Design GOALS

As you know, every business has specific goals they aim to accomplish. Whether you have a product you are trying to sell or a service you’re trying to promote, our custom website designs are built with your business in mind. We specialize in converting page viewers into business clients.

At IMPROZ, your Houston web design company, we understand it’s all about the visitor’s experience. You need a custom website that not only answers their questions but guides them (efficiently) through your site. These website goals are essential to achieving a higher ROI and can only be accomplished through a deep understanding of your business. Luckily – you have us.

Website Design Process

Here is how we produce masterpiece designs.

You know your business better than anyone. We begin with a sit-down to learn all about your business and its market. We build out your key audiences (personas) and define your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) so that your brand is heard loud and clear.

Clear and concise communication is essential to any successful project. Before we begin any tasks, we get you set up with our project management application. It is a valuable communication tool that helps us maintain a transparent dialogue and aids in project development.

Before we go live with any website developments, we create a mockup/sketch of your pages. This wireframe is essential for a custom web design; it provides you with a visual understanding of your entire site. Also, if you don’t like something, it’s much easier to erase a sketch than it is to make changes to a live website.

Once we have discovered your audiences (personas), we then work with you to create the ideal site menu. This approval is essential because it dictates the content of the entire site. After we reveal the main navigation, we can then determine what is going to be on each page.

We begin by sending you a draft of the text – this will help determine your brand’s voice and writing style. Once that is approved, our web design wizards work on the layout and finish the last piece of the puzzle. On the day of the reveal, we want you to get a feel of the site – the buttons, the color, the layout, the overall concept.

This is the big day! What we have worked so hard to achieve! Once we complete the last finishing touches, we set up a meeting to reveal the final version of your site. You’ll be able to navigate through the entire live site and get a feel

for it. If there are any minor edits, this is where you can address them.

Our creative wordsmith will continue to send drafts of each page for approval – ensuring your voice stays consistent, and the correct information is laid out. Running alongside him, our web designers will be finishing the remainder of your site – making sure everything is squeaky clean.

Website Design Visitor Experience


Fun fact: A human’s average attention span is 7 seconds! (The attention span of a goldfish - 9 seconds.) So, we understand the importance of having a custom web design that loads quickly and performs exceptionally. We create sites that allow for enjoyable user experience - no hiccups here.


We take our time creating fluid navigation for your visitors - making it seamless for your website visitors to browse around your site and find exactly what they’re looking for. The simplest way to answer questions is by creating a link between your pages and making them easily accessible.


You can expect our web designers to flex their creative muscles when building your site. They enjoy nothing more than creating a beautiful, result-driven website. We understand your website is the face of your brand; therefore, we take pride in building a custom web design that makes a powerful first impression.

Compelling Content

Words, words, words. They have the power to turn your site into a powerhouse - with the right content, of course. We create compelling content that not only attracts visitors but (most importantly) converts your website visitors.


As SEO specialists, our custom web designs are built with SEO in mind. We make sure to boost your website’s search engine visibility with keyword-optimized copy. Your site NEEDS to be on the first page - this is non-negotiable

Mobile Design

With more than 50% of visitors relying on mobile devices, it’s ESSENTIAL that your website automatically resizes and adapts to any screen size - from smartphones to large desktop screens. We custom design each site to perform flawlessly on every device.

Call To Action

The look and feel of your website are one thing, but as a business, you want your visitors to engage. Having them directed to a clear call to action is crucial. We not only create copy that engages with your audience; we design websites that increase your conversion rate.

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