Houston Businesses Need Website Designs that Convert

What are website conversions do you ask? One of the top requests we get is to increase traffic. Everyone wants more people to click on their website. That is especially important in a city the size of Houston, where competition is fierce. While increasing visibility seems like a good goal, it may not be enough; you need to make sure you’re getting website conversions.

  • Increase the number of people visiting your landing pages.
  • Encourage people to buy your products or services.
  • Get people to engage with your company by
  • Following you on social media;
  • Clicking your call to action;
  • Joining your email list;
  • Asking questions; or
  • Reading informational articles.

What Is CTR?

Of course, you want a higher click-through rate (CTR). You want to know that your advertising is effective. CTRs are important. They are an easy way to see if your ads resonate with your targeted demographic groups and to see if you are getting website conversions.

Increasing Traffic

There are several strategies we can use to increase your CTR. Those strategies depend on your targeted groups. They also vary with your media. You want to increase CTR on every platform. Your social media, landing pages, paid SEO, advertising, and organic SEO should all be working together to improve your CTR.

Unfortunately, some media marketing companies focus primarily on increasing traffic. They are satisfied if they can get people to respond to that first call to action by clicking. However, clicks are only the first step in a successful online marketing campaign.

Focusing Solely on CTR Is a Bad Thing

Think of the term clickbait. What connotation does it have for you? For most people, its connotation is negative. Clickbait makes people feel tricked. It discourages them from making any purchases from you.  

It also costs you money. 

Part of your multi-media marketing campaign will include pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. You do not want to pay for non-customers to visit your page. The key to making sure that clicks lead to conversions is matching content to expectations. Does clicking your link lead to the expected results? 

If not, a high CTR is not going to yield a better conversion rate.  

From Clicks to Conversions

Increasing traffic is not enough. You want to motivate potential customers to take the next step. That next step is called a conversion.

We often think of conversions as sales. However, conversions are the next step in your process. It might be a sale, but it might also be a potential customer filling out a contact form.

What Is the Next Step? 

The client has clicked on your page. Now, what do you want them to do?

  • Order a product
  • Ask for more information
  • Set an appointment
  • Gather information
  • Ask questions
  • Follow you on social media
  • Share your page information

A coordinated advertising campaign needs to understand what you want.

What Are Your Goals? 

In an internet marketing campaign, you have two types of goals. First, you have your goals as a business. Generating leads or sales and building a customer base are usual business goals.

Next, you have your internet goals. You want to increase your ranking. That means getting return traffic. To do that, you have to meet expectations and provide exciting content.

Why Is Someone Visiting Your Site? 

It would be ideal for every person visiting your site to buy a product or service. They will not.  

There are three types of keyword searches on Google:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

Informational searches:

  • Are looking for information
  • Can give clues about future purchasing needs
  • Are well-suited to blog content
  • Example: If someone types “what is CTR?” and lands on this blog page as a result.

Navigational searches:

  • Are straightforward
  • Help you reach a particular website
  • Show the value of a unique brand or store name
  • Example: If someone types “Improz” into Google, they get improzinternetmarketing.com as a result.  

Transactional searches:

  • Intent to begin a transaction
  • Can be a purchase
  • Can be seeking information that is specific to an individual, such as a quote
  • Example: If someone types “website design Houston” and gets links to Improz in their results.

Creating a Funnel

Not all of your potential customers are going to be ready to make a purchase. Some people are gathering information. Some will compare you with competitors. Only a few are prepared to purchase immediately.

You want to think of customer contacts as a funnel. You will initially interact with a broad group of potential customers. Those initial interactions build brand awareness. The more potential customers hear your business’ name, the more likely they are to choose your company.

Next, you want to build goodwill. Potential customers with a positive impression of your company are more likely to choose you over a competitor. That is true even when the only difference is that positive feeling.  

Building brand awareness is essential. Not all of those folks will be in the market for your goods and services right now. Different types of marketing help narrow the tunnel. As the funnel narrows, you eliminate people who are not going to convert.

Increasing your CTRs without increasing your conversion rate just makes the mouth of the funnel wider. 

Instead, you want to create a bigger funnel.  

You want to use multi-layered advertising campaigns. If you can answer the questions people ask in their informational searches, you are more likely to be their choice in transactional searches.

The Importance of Helpful Information

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of helpful information. Helpful information drives repeat customers to your website. It increases the likelihood of people sharing your site while creating feelings of goodwill.

What type of helpful information should you have on your website? It depends on what kind of business you have. A pest control company that offers tips about preventing bed bugs is helpful. That same content on a salon’s website would be alarming.

So, we tailor your content to your clients’ expectations. One of the ways we do that is by talking with you as a business owner. What questions do your clients ask? How can we provide those answers to them while still funneling them towards a sale?  

Are You Meeting Your Goals? 

You want to determine if your current interactions are meeting your goals. If you are looking at a marketing company, then you are probably disappointed in your current strategy. As a business owner, you may be disappointed because of your results. You want to generate leads and make sales.  

However, marketing specialists have to look beyond the results. It is not enough for us to tell you what percent of your clicks are turning into conversions. We need to be able to analyze why.  

Analyzing Your Current Internet Presence

What is working? Equally important, what is not working?  

We use a variety of different analytical tools to determine:

  • What drives traffic to your landing pages
  • What calls to action are yielding results
  • Customer preferences
  • Customer behavior like pogo-sticking

Google is the big dog in internet marketing. We use Google Analytics to help us craft successful marketing campaigns for our clients. However, Google Analytics is not the only tool we use to analyze your performance. We use other devices, as well, and we may present that data to you in a variety of ways.  

What Heatmaps Can Reveal

You may have heard the term heatmaps used to talk about website use trends. They are trendy right now, so we get many questions about heatmaps.

It is essential to understand that heatmaps are not a standalone analytical tool. Instead, they help you visualize data gathered through other analytical tools.

Heatmaps show relationships between multiple variables. You can see it at a glance. The higher the overlap, the more you want to hit that target area.

Heatmaps provide a quick way to visualize customer behavior. What content is generating clicks? How much of your content are visitors reading? What parts of your pages get the most focus and attention? Are visitors interacting with things like drop-down menus?

Heatmaps can also help you visualize demographic information. Where are visitors located? What do we know about those visitors?

For some things, we know what works. We bring that expertise to your online presence. We incorporate best practices for your industry into all of our website designs. However, your business is unique. Your website should be unique, as well. That means tailoring content to your audience.  

You may need to test content. You might even have multiple landing pages, depending on how the potential customer clicked on your site. The more we can tailor the experience to the individual landing on your page, the better chance we can convert that click.

Calls to Action

One way to increase your conversion rate is through compelling calls to action. What types of calls to action increase immediate action?  

Again, the answer to this question depends on your business. If you are trying to generate sales, offering discounts is a great way to accomplish this. Offering a limited-time discount, which triggers FOMO (fear of missing out), is even better.  

Sometimes your call to action is just designed to generate a lead. Encourage customers to follow you on social media for exclusive offers. It provides you with a way to remarket to potential customers with a demonstrated interest in your products or services.

Prevent Wasteful Clicks

From an advertiser’s perspective, clicks that do not convert are wasteful. Therefore, you want to avoid them. However, the key to avoiding wasteful clicks is to stop looking at them from your perspective.

At IMPROZ MARKETING, we look at your website from the customer’s perspective. Will potential customers find the content they need on your website? If not, what changes do we make to improve their experience?

Engagement and Expectations: The Keys to Conversions

By taking a customer-centered approach to web design, we help you meet expectations and increase user engagement. That increases conversions. It also allows you to build your brand and establish goodwill.  

For an industry-specific analysis of your business, contact IMPROZ MARKETING today.  You can also visit our parent marketing company located in Humble, TX. We specialize in helping businesses in the Houston area build websites that stand out from the competition, increasing traffic and conversions.