10 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Social Media Marketing

10 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Social Media MarketingSocial media platforms have been rising more and more in the last few years, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you want your brand to set itself apart from the competition you need to learn what’s new when it comes to social media. To learn about the future of social media marketing, continue reading this article.

1. Expect to See More Video

In 2018, social media marketing will be more focused on video marketing than ever before. Take a minute to think about it… How many elements of social media now include video? A lot right? There’s more video content across the board in general. You can see video content not only in posts, but in stories, and live broadcasts.

More and more influencers are now taking the time to create video content for their followers. When people thought about video marketing, they used to think of YouTube. Now there’s video content available for everyone across the board.

2. Instagram Live Broadcasting

The future of Instagram has live broadcasting written all over it. Instagram has made possible for a lot of broadcast content to appear in the story section. With this new feature, it will make it more accessible for users to access these broadcastings for the brands they follow at the top of the Instagram app.

Rather than having to go to their Instagram profile, users don’t have to leave their home screen to access these videos. Instagram will also notify its users when a video goes live. On top of the broadcasting, accounts can also plan live broadcasts with other brands. Partner brands can collaborate in the same broadcast as if they were both of participating.

3. Use Customized Facebook Tabs

Facebook has made it easier to create and add custom tabs to the user’s content pages. Now you can customize any Facebook page following only a few steps. There are a few applications that help facilitate editing a Facebook page. Some of these applications include Pagemodo, inlineVision, and Involver. With the use of these applications, users can have custom pages without needing to be an expert.

4. Collaborative and Group Facebook Stories

Similar to collaborative Instagram stories, Facebook has managed to incorporate stories into their platform. These stories are visible to friends or to those who follow accounts for over 24 hours. This tool is also commonly used by companies, influencers, and events.

Brands can post stories when they host an event, and attendees can post and add to the story as well. This creates a large collaboration between the two. Those who follow the event can take a look at the story from multiple perspectives. The collaboration between everyone can make the event more accessible event for those who couldn’t attend.

5. Facebook and Watch

Everyone can agree nowadays there are many platforms for people to access TV and watch their favorite shows. Well, Facebook is not staying behind. If you haven’t noticed yet, go into your Facebook app and click on the Watch tab.

Facebook Watch compiles user’s favorite videos so so they don’t have to scroll through their news feeds trying to find them. If there’s a show they really like, they can add them to their Watchlist.

6. Instagram Story Highlights

Although some users love to post on their Instagram stories, not everyone likes that their Instagram story disappears in 24 hours. To help with this problem, Instagram has fixed the problem by allowing users to save those stories they choose to highlight.

The highlights will live in their Instagram profiles until they decide to delete them. Although everyone can do this, influencers take the most advantage of this feature.

7. Instagram Partnership Transparency

Instagram wants their users to know when a celebrity or influencer is participating in a paid partnership. In order to avoid confusion and make this easier to identify, when partnerships with brands have been created.

The new tool makes it possible for influencers to disclose their partnerships with brands without going through the hassle. It will also allow for better metrics. If an account tags a brand using the partnership feature, the brand will also have access to the performance of the post.

8. Twitter Allows for 280 Characters

Just when users had gotten comfortable writing posts using 140 characters or less, Twitter has switched up all the rules. Now Twitter will allow for their users to have a 280-character limit.

The news of this new character limit increase has been sending Twitter users to challenge the limits of this development. So in 2018, it will be all about who can create great Twitter stories using 280-characters.

9. Website Sponsored Snapchat Filters

Everyone is familiar with Snapchat filters and all of their features. But if you’ve ever wondered why some brands have their own filter and logo featured, this because Snapchat has allowed for partnerships with brands.

Now, if you want to create a Snapchat filter, lens, or geofilter for your brand, you can also fill out a context card that will allow for users to have a direct swipe or tag to your website. This feature will be free for those who already advertise with Snapchat. It’s also possible for brands to track the performance of these ads.

10. Update Your Twitter Profile

2018 will be all about updating your Twitter profile to reflect the new look. Customized Twitter profiles will be popular in 2018, so there is no reason to not jump on this trend. Make sure you have fun with this feature and make your Twitter profile as fun as possible.

The Future of Social Media Marketing: The Bottom Line

It seems like social media marketing is always evolving and never staying the same, of course, this is correct. And in 2018, trends don’t seem to be slowing down.

It will be all about having an updated Twitter profile, focusing on video, broadcasting stories, and having access to Facebook Watch. The sooner you learn about it, the sooner you can follow the trends. If you enjoyed these tips on the future of social media marketing and would like to learn more, visit our blog.

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