The ABCs of Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation

While we might not have robotic assistants yet, entrepreneurs and intrepid marketers everywhere do have a technology-driven right-hand man in the form of mobile marketing automation (MMA). In this article, we will discuss how to maximize the mobile marketing automation capacity and usefulness for Short Message Service (SMS). SMS simply refers to the text messaging service element of telephonic, Internet, or mobile communication systems.

Intuitive and full of endless possibilities, MMA is not only changing the way marketers engage consumers, but it is changing much of what can be automated. With our mobile marketing strategy for 2016 and our ABC Guide below, you will have all your bases covered for consumer-friendly communication in the mobile and SMS world:

So let’s dive right into the ABC Guide to help you develop your MMA using your SMS resources.

Automate the Easy Stuff

Automate the easy stuff, so that you’re free to work on the hard stuff. Let’s face it, no matter how much of a “type-A” task-focused Olympian you may be, you simply can’t be everywhere at once and do everything at once. Certain tasks require your undivided attention, but others can be taken care of by mobile marketing automation software, which is the next best thing to your personal touch. So get the full advantage of your MMA software by setting it to react to triggers including:

  • Subscriptions
  • Payments
  • Orders
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Renewal dates
  • Purchases
  • Shipments or package tracking updates

Be the Nudge Your Consumers Seek

Customers are busy, and it’s easy to forget or overlook something that is not a part of a daily routine or schedule like a monthly or yearly dues payment. You can help consumers complete their purchase, finish an online course, beat the deadline for a marathon sign up, or whatever time-sensitive task is at stake, by sending out text (or several, sent in stages as the countdown continues) reminders that the time and date are coming up.

Customize Your Brand

Automated texts (SMS) can be much more than a one-way method of communication. Although a one-way method of communication is excellent for disseminating information, you can also ask for data from your customers that will be useful when personalizing your content and the overall experience for each consumer.

Just how important is personalized marketing?

73% of consumers say they would rather do business with a brand that customizes their shopping experience based on their specific preferences. This can include sending out surveys, conducting polls, and requesting feedback via mobile marketing automation. Some specific examples of personalization of SMS include:

  • Send attendees of an upcoming event a mass SMS but use software to insert each recipient name in the first line of the text for personalization of the message
  • Use categorized lists, based on information such as interests or profession to keep message content relevant to the recipients
  • Use cookies and other tracking technology to identify consumers as they cross platforms so your automated texts “know” what a consumer did in an app or on the company website
  • Encourage an ongoing conversation by enabling the use of short codes (also known as short numbers) so consumers can respond to the automated texts they receive

Define Your Audience by Location

If you’ve read up on outdated SEO tactics, you’ve probably already replaced them with updates like local SEO. But local SEO isn’t the only proximity-driven tactic trending in mobile marketing today. To send texts to consumers, you must ask them to opt-in to the service, which should be part of the customer sign up process.

At the same time that you’re asking permission to reach out and SMS someone, you can also ask them to opt-in for GPS location services. By getting customers to op-into GPS location services, your MMA system can now “see” when consumers are near your brick-and-mortar locations or other geographic markers. When shoppers cross over a virtual/digital boundary (and you get to determine those parameters as part of your set-up process), the fun begins!

From a simple reminder that your store is nearby to a flash sale notice offering a 30-minute deal to scannable coupons delivered right to a consumer’s mobile device, MMA gives you some very smart and creative ways to draw local shoppers in and increase your revenues.

How important is SMS marketing? Consider that one industry leader predicts that applying SMS marketing techniques will contribute to a revenue growth rate of 40 percent by 2017. Incorporating the above tips isn’t just a nice idea, it’s imperative for companies looking to grow, stay competitive and maximize digital sales revenues.

What’s Next?

So how will you apply the tips and advice? How far along are you in adopting MMA and SMS into your marketing strategy? What have been your results? We would love to read your comments and feedback.

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